Triple boosted paladins OP

The triple boosted paladins are way to overpowered, I used a lvl 8 firestorm on a group of paladins and they started gaining health. Never have turbo and unholy paladins at the same time ever again…PLEASE!

First off, Paladins have no weakness to Firestorm, so that’s one reason why they aren’t dying. The second reason would be that you are fighting Holy Paladins. So, because they don’t have a weakness to FS, their health looks as if it is not moving or even going up cause they’re healing rate is faster than you are taking off damage. It has nothing to do with the triple boost, it’s only the Holy Paladin. That boost is a bit OP, but there’s an easy way to defeat them. All you have to do is either, use stun to stop them from healing themselves and have your army get rid of them, OR you could use a high level Toxic Cloud, cause Paladins have a 300% weakness to TC

I like triple boost. Moreover most of players complained about paladins until the update to version 3.8. Now paladin with elite boost and pro boost is good, especially against Phoebe beast.

For sure, paladins are awesome when triple boosted, but they are OP nonetheless

OP? not at all at least not during the Conquest boost. Same with triple boost i have got trouble to win a raid. Same at level 11 they are weak. I thing I must level them up at level 14+ amd start to fprge thier HP

With the paladin bug who make paladin special bar don’t be filled make unholy paladin impossible to use. 1 Dragon on 100 raid and more

Sure, cause they are weaker on offense WN! The boost is far to OP on defense. My TC does nothing against the Paladins I’m facing in the war and I’ve lost several attacks cause my entire army can’t get through 8 paladins!!

Of course my bad I have forget about offense and defense stats. the difference. Sorry

I didn’t need that, too long ?

And archer with elite boost, pro boost and special war season boost (in this case “insta archer”) is even better.