trivia no2 results anyone knows when?

Hi all! Any news regarding above topic? Aether said it will be before end of week?

She may be busy… But rest assured if we have answered it correctly, we will get it.


Aether’s had a lot of work to do lately, she’s been way too busy. So let’s be patient with her.

Currently we see her less often and she also said that was a lot busy, this become a real mess when there are trivia and everything will arrive late. it’s bad for us players especially for the winners that maybe could have planned to buy/upgrade something.

These trivia events are a bonus. Worth waiting.

Give Aether some time, she deserves our respect.

She does a great job, so please be patient.


Sorry for the delay, the results will be given before Friday end of the day.

Thank you Aether, we got the rewards.

Don’t know what went wrong, but yes I too received it although less.

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