troll is back

reposting same mgs destroy the forums for everybody else why don’t. You get a life please flare stop them from doing this block them

Those are spambots, and unfortunately they are using proxys/VPN which makes them impossible to completely block.

shame bet its a big job hiding there spam mgs thanks for letting me no

Maybe an option to make it possible to only open three topics in an hour will help stopping them. Who needs to open more topics anyway?

I would even go further, max 5 topics per day. I know they will open more accounts, but at least they have more trouble to spam a complete topic full.

And… just after opening an account, let them only post one topic. If that’s reported, then stop the account from posting until investigation. Then we can also help by reporting spam.

I guess the forum login should be based on the in-game account. Since you have only one account per device, so you should ideally have one account in the forum. Now if they are playing on multiple devices, how many will they be? 3-4. Considering this, Jack’s suggestion on limiting the posts and topic can be a serious impedance to spamming.


maybe just use a verification when a new account is set up. That way a bot won’t pass the test

That doesn’t work, because on Android you have “unlimited” accounts. As much as you can have from Google.

Who is managing this forum should understand that the best defence against this kind of posts is to allow to create a new topic after a set number of posts on the forum, let’s say 5.

Also you need to use some form of captcha  or mathematical verification when a new user signs up… or allow only FB new users until you fix it… it’s getting annoying! I’m on page 35 filled with spam, and 8 hours ago it was fine!

I’m getting bored me too on hiding these stupids

Yeah, this is getting REALLY annoying. Flare must do something about it. Capchas are a good solution. Maybe also limiting the number of posts that a forum member can create in one day. Let’s be realistic, all real members here don’t create more than 5 posts per day.

Seem a joke what is going on here on forum. After our complaints about this annoying issue these fools have started spamming everywhere. I’m thinking that a spy here is causing all this mess. Why not? If it was the case would be shameful. 

I wonder if i wasn’t me during weekend hiding these posts, many forum members would have complain even more here writing about this problem and i suppose also through the support site, and where are the other mods? come on, i can’t manage all this rubbish alone every hour or so i have always to check because i’m worried of this dirty things.


these spammers are a joke flare you need to do something about it limited post to 5 a day no one else would complain at that and it would limited these spammers as well you cnt keep ignore the problem or expecting your mods to hide 17 pages of the rubbish 1 by 1 that would annoy anyone please fix the problem

Luckily i can just go to the user profile and “flag as spammer” and all topics it created are automatically hidden, but the bots users are just too many…to stay always to ban every hour it’s not the best life…

I asked Aether and she says that flagging them as spammers is the best way to deal with them. Captchas already exist on the make account screen and it seems Flare can’t implement the post limit.

We ban them pretty quickly but in a short time they can make tons and tons of posts. We will always keep fighting to keep the forums clean for you guys

how do bots get around captchas and email verification codes? Probably not a bot then.

They still might be bot, some chinese bots can be really performant, and the captcha are not the hardest ones, unfortunately…

what are the hardest ones? Maybe put those in…

The situation is getting persistent and so frequent. If that is the case,sooner or later this forum will be exclusive only for those fools spammers.