Troop bonuses at the forge

Is there any advantage to waiting before enhancing my troops at the forge?

For example, I currently have level 9 Paladins with 3291 health. If I boost them now at the forge, I will get a health bonus of +101.

  1. Would this health bonus be greater if I waited until level 10 to boost them?
  2. What would happen to this health bonus of +101 once they were upgraded to lvl 10? Will they still keep that health bonus on top of their new health score?


Apart from that, which boosts do you recommend I apply?

Forging troops and towers doesn’t effect anything.only gears is effected by hero lvl.think twice forging paladin,I suggest u knights

What are gears? And why do you suggest knights over paladins?

Gears are items that the hero wears. Later in the game boosted knights become more valuable and paladins a kind of obsolete. First, for every paladin you can spawn three knights. Knights are very good in offense, taking out towers (with exception of firebolt and lightning tower), tough barricades and even for taking out all other kind of troops.

Paladins are weak to ice and poison, so they are easily whiped out. Use of frosters, blizzard, frenzies, mummy, mortar is enough to get rid of them. So it’s a bit of a waste of pearls to invest in paladins.

To answer the question of forges. It doesn’t matter and you don’t need to max anything that is forgable first, the improvement of the forge is always calculated after primary statistic. Take for example pyromancer with range 4. When maxed that range is 5. Say we improve the range with 10%

  1. Start to forge when primary range is 4. Forge 10% (range becomes 4.4). Then upgrade pyro to max. This makes primary range 5, 10% of that makes 5.5 in total and not 5.4!
  2. Upgrade froster to max, primary range is 5. Then forge 10% -> range becomes 5.5

So it doesn’ matter when you forge.


Awesome thanks Dena… At what point did you start using Knights? I am currently at level 63 with around 2000 trophies

As soon as your alliance starts to use blazing Knights 24/7, that’s a signal to upgrade them to max (or at least keep them upgrading) and start signal of using them.

There are many alliances having them 24/7 active.