Troop Colorization

you should be able to colorize troops armor and weapons.

Troops color represent their level, the darker they are the higher the level. Since this is a useful strategy for low to mid levels, custom troops color probably won’t be added.

“If” this is a suggestion, please use the official suggestion topic (and if I remember right it is already said, but you could post again!)


I think that troops and armors should take the same color you’ve chosen for your king, automatically.  :slight_smile:

What colors do you have chosen for your king? The inventory item colors? Those may be different for every item slot.

Apart from the fact I don’t even want to imagine pink paladins and ogres (or just red frosters or blue pyromancers, being very confusing…), I guess the units’ textures are just 1 for all gear, and not 1 per item as it is with the hero. Hence, changing color of single gear parts for troops wouldn’t even be possible without major changes to the troop outfits (which would probably also make the game more “expensive” memory and processing power wise).


Also, not sure about the practical use to crazily change around troop colors? After all, except annoying attackers with pink troops, I really don’t see much value to changing my troop colors. Plus, as lunatic4 already mentioned, in the past troop color variations were introduced just to give attackers a hint of how strong the troops are. Changing colors would mess this up completely…