(Troop) Ghost

The Ghost is undetectable to troops and towers until it comes out of hiding, though it can still take damage. When faced against a troop, it comes out of hiding with a haunting jumpscare that puts fear into troops. Then it proceeds to claw at its victims, doing pearcing damage in the process (see what I did there?). It gets stronger for each victim it kills as it eats their souls (does more damage). When it dies, it screeches as it curses everyone nearby. The curse status effect either slows you down, leaches the life out of you, or stops you from attacking. The curse lasts a few seconds. This troop is weak to fire, immune to lightning, and resistant to normal damage. This is a mele troop that only attacks troops and can’t do much damage to the castle gate or the tent. If you are going to use this troop, you need to support it. It dies quickly without support, though they would have to spot it first. This troop cost 15 morale and can only be upgraded by completing certain dungeons.

Lore: They say that the Ghost is a failed dead king who have since started to feast on the souls of dead troops as well as haunting the living. True or not, you wouldn’t want to find out.

Well, that was fun coming up with this idea. :slight_smile:

There are Nidhogg pal /beast and black magic spell.

Yes, but those summon copies of existing troops. The idea I’m giving is its own troop.

I like the thought process behind this idea, however, I feel like it would be a little OP with the invincibility effect. Well thought idea though, good job. We need new ideas to be made to create new things in the game!

The Ghost needs support because it’s fragile. The invisibility mechanic ensures that this troop can do something before it dies, though the curse effect can be devastating if it effects you a certain way in a certain situation. Maybe you are already low on health, but the curse says “nope. You’re dead.” Maybe you’re trying to get out of harm, but the curse says “you’re not getting out alive.” Maybe you’re in the middle of taking down a doom gate, but the curse says “I’d rather let the castle gate do the talking first.” Having an invisible troop is already really powerful. Making it fragile tones down the power of this troop. With that said, have you seen the G-5000 and the pro pals? I’m pretty sure they are more broken than the troop I’m suggesting. I mean, why bring a portal scroll if a pal can bring it constantly for you? It completely changes how you play. Getting that pal was like unlocking the Monk for the first time. ?

The stealth/cloaking idea is kind of confusing because it s unclear how the enemy troops or towers r going to detect it…it s going to be a whole new concept (and headache) for poor FG to introduce it…I LOVE the curse part!!! I think they should give this skill to necromancers!!!

I think FG should introduce specializations for your troops to give them more diversity. For instance necromancer-summoners and necromancer-cursers, paladin healers (heal single units, NOt groups like monks) or paladin-smiters (small hammerstrikes), teutonic knights (high hp) or samurai knights (high speed and attack) or kamikaze knights (explode when dying), etc. 

The eating souls to get stronger is similar to the charge bar of the mages that turn into dragons…the eating souls to get stronger is not as cool as the dragons.

The troops will be able to detect the Ghost when the Ghost makes the first move. The Ghost will then stay visible for 3 seconds assuming that it’s not targeting anything.

What if the Ghost gets bigger and looks more intimidating with each kill? Who wouldn’t want to see this happen? xD

The curse effect is meant to be unpredictable yet dangerous. It’s always negative, but how negative it is is random and relative. It’s like a box of chocolates, if the chocolate happens to be infected. ?

It would be interesting to see what giving the curse ability to an already existing troop would do.

I think curses r more of a necro or a banshee skill rather than a ghost skill. Ghosts usually haunt houses (or towers!!!) or possess people. It d be nice if you could get ghosts out of dead units to fight for you, maybe something like an extra attribute on the black magic spell that not only gives copies of the enemy troops (I assume they r ghosts too) but also wakes up REAL ghosts that haunt, possess, etc.  

Don’t work in a game like RR2. your idea come from Starcraft with the Ghost unit who can hide invisible and the only way to be detected is only if you are close of a missile turret. in RR2 I don’t see much how Flare can add it into the game. I don’t think its a good a idea to start to add a detector ship or a detector radar or else because you want a ghost. I don’t think this idea is feasible at all. Too much ambitious for this game. Work well in Starcraft in a RTS game but don’t fit at all in RR2 and a tower and defense game with limited stuffs