Troop Power

My cannon level is 11. And I have forged it almost 16 times with blunts. And the elite boost storm cannon (level 5) is also activated. But my blunt was almost half of health(I mean both the forging as well as 120% boost was also not taken into account), where as my cannons health was correct.

It’s normal. Elite boost Cannon damage reduced but their attack rate is increased, so that makes it’s total damage bigger than normal cannon.

ps. Elite boost bonus % only calculate original value. Forged value simply added to it’s total.

You see damage per second, that’s why. When cannons fire faster, they do more damage per second. An unboosted cannon does more damage per shot, only total damage is more with boosted cannons.

The game should explain better and clearly the stats. This question has been raised many times from various kind of players, not just low level players. (On Wikia there were also some others players asking this). It’s very easy to misunderstand the stats you see in the Cannon card from the moment that all stats of boosts for troops, obstacles and towers are registered as % for any kind of extra bonus they can give. They should improve the card of the boosts giving more extra informations and not just showing the 2 most primary bonuses. It’d allow to players to understand better what are they paying for.