Troop questions

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I am trying to prioritize what troop upgrades to do next and I have questions.

  1. As has been pointed out, one spearman called equals two on the field. I presume that means that each one has half of the damage and health listed in the current stats on that troop’s infoscreen. Is this correct? If each one has the full stats listed, then it would seem that they are overpowered for the cost.

  2. When a Charon/Styx tower summons ghosts, are the stats of those ghosts (whether the normal troops or the siren blessing upgrade) controlled by the strength of the tower or the strength of the player’s current troop level for each?

  3. When Medusa resurrects as lesser troops, are those troops’ strength determined by the strength of your Medusa’s level, the player’s current troop level for each, or standardized in some other way?

  4. What blessings, when active, apply to the various troops summoned by the means listed in questions 3 and 4, if any?


So spearmen, warrior, and sirens are important to me. Their stats, when released from Charon or Medusa, match the stats for them as reflected in the Academy. The only thing for Charon level is the health change, but when the war blessing is active, it can release sirens. Medusa war blessing just spawns the warrior and 2 spearmen, but again the health and attack level is dependent on your upgrade level from the academy.

Some people intentionally leave Medusa at a low level and pair her with Phoenix, because she will die quickly and release troops and then also respawn again when Phoenix respawns. This helps the waves be 4 units larger than it was intended to be.

When I upgraded troops, I started with warrior and spearmen, then went to Phoenix, and then I did siren and Medusa.

Thanks! That helps with #2 and #3.

Does anyone know about #1 and #4?

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In response two number 4: Charon blessed can spawn out Siren, and Medusa blessing results in her spawning one warrior and two spearmen. The divine blessings for siren, warrior, and spearmen remain active for spawned units from Charon or Medusa.

Also, some good information to have, the power of divine blessings changes as the alliance level is raised. This is another optimal reason to go to a fully maxed out alliance, as all divine blessings are at maximum power level. The raises in health and attack for divine blessings will increase in percentage.

That is good info! So alliance rank is irrelevant, the pertinent value is level only, correct?

Alliance level is what will increase the stats per divine blessing. Alliance rank/tier is what allocates the “special” war blessings (such as Charon, siren, Medusa, etc). I think all divine blessings unlock at level 18 of alliance, but the percentages are really low per blessing, so having a max level alliance may increase blessing expenses, but the blessings are worth their weight in gold!

Thanks, all good info! I am trying to max out everything I will need in order to get to a point where I can stop levelling up for a while. Just trying to make sure that I don’t stop, spend a fortune on forging, and then realize I needed a few more upgrades that would have bumped me another level or two. :slight_smile:

Some things aren’t priorities to upgrade… the two big ones are the gate and the guardhouse. Although the gate adds barricades and towers, it will also add the time allowed for attackers to breach. Guardhouse also adds unnecessary ascension that can overload the ability to stabilize forging.

I also start upgrades on defenses after a new temple is reached. Barricades first, then NYX, and then the rest. After I will upgrade my academy, and then I upgrade the shrine. Production sites aren’t really useful to upgrade, and same can be said for storage. Those things just add a lot of ascension without value. If you intend to go to 150, I would save the final upgrades of those facilities till everything else is completed. That has been my strategy thus far.

All of my allowed defenses are fully upgraded. I am also maxing out the towers I don’t use so that I will be able to adapt my defenses, if desired. Shrine, academy, gate, and guardhouse all maxed for my temple (11). Waves all have one more upgrade possible, deciding which ones are worth the AP hit. High-defense troops are maxed, others are mid-range, deciding which lower ones to max. Powers I use are almost maxed, want to max those and the other unique powers before holding. Will probably hold off on other temples and storage until later.

My war heroes are in good shape, besides buildling fame and prestige, I want to get all my other heroes maxed before I get so high up there that all my opponents have gold frames with me over here with my sad 6 weeks worth of oddy boosts, lol.

There’s some heroes that aren’t worth the effort to max. Also, it gives you something to do later once everything is maxed structure wise. I had the same idea to try and get all heroes maxed out, but I stopped trying to build up some past 18. Now all my heroes, minus Artemis, are level 19 or 20.

Maxing out other towers to adapt defenses can come back to haunt you later. I’m ascension 125 with maxed defenses and units because I was selective about upgrades. My defense is very formidable and I usually won’t get breached. While this does impact my offensive capabilities, I am able to slowly upgrade ascension now by upgrading all hero powers, which is making my forge cycle stable. Just a consideration. Before upgrading gate, it is a good idea to have the next tower you plan to unlock to be at max. Although barriers must be done once the gate is completed, the towers can be built using the other layout options.

Well, I will need something to keep me occupied while I build some fame, so building heroes seems logical. Besides, if nothing else, it will help me get the +3 for honored hero with whichever the system throws at me. I don’t plan to spend millions and millions forging for all of them. I do plan on spending time on Pers, Herc, Athena, Cadmus, and Ariadne’s gear. And maybe Helen.

Full stats, which is why they are among the most powerful units in the game.

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Yes overpowered and a strange decision to still not state you get 2 for the standard cost of one. Makes archers a near worthless unit IMO.

It depends. I do use Archers with 4 out of my 5 main heroes. They have lightning damage which stuns the GK, and are out of reach :wink:.

Archers are good