Troops getting stucked again...

Troops are getting stucked again during battle…  Happened me twice but I believe only Minotaurs have that problem. Please help!

I’m on Android based system.

Same problem here! With others creatures.

Its impossible to play in this way. Pls fix it.

Trebuchet has become quite useless because of this bug! 

Lost many attack due to this trebuchet stuck. 

The trebuchet cant arrive on time as well as blocking new army from reinforcement. If you watch the trebuchet stucks ; it kind of blocking half the passageway and it is twitching every time the armies passing. 

Yeah I use Trebuchet with Prometheus but on 2 always 1 stuck at the beginning. the stuck one load and have a target, remove target,reload target and when you continue your road you see a blue point who don’t move

There is a update for Olympus Rising hope that fix this bug

Trebuchet are stucking and became really useless 

Please sort that issue out



Sorry for the issue you encounter. We are working on a fix for this issue which will be available in a new version of the game as soon as possible.

You can try to summon a limited amount of trebuchets, even if some get stuck, you will still have some of them following you to the gate.

Update 2.9.0 makes it worse than 2.8.0 version. Before at least 1 followed you and 1 stuck in the middle of the raid. Now its all Trebuchets that who stuck at the beginning and bug completely and make them useless. I have no choice with Prometheus I change my Trebuchets with Warriors until the problem can be fix


 Trebuchets are fixed in v. 2.9.2:


ah ok there was 2 upgrade to do in Windows Store. I download the 2.9.2 right now 

Tested and work like a charm .Problem solve :slight_smile: