Troops Power

Can someone pleased clear up how much power a number of units compare to another,


for example as how many knights it would take to do the same amount of damage as a paladin


Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

I think you suppose all troops at max level, right?


I was working on a matrix/spreadsheet that helped break all this down. Kind of a big project.

Knights to paladins is a great example. Knights do 170 normal damage at max level, while Paladins do 213 blunt damage at max level. Assuming normal damage and blunt damage are weighted the same against an opponent, as a base value Paladins do 125% of the damage Knight’s do. If there’s a 50% weakness to blunt damage, however, the Paladin’s attack doubles in strength, bumping that up to 250%. In other words, the knight must attack 2.5 (3 times, then) times to deal the same damage as one Paladin attack.

If their morale cost were the same, Paladins would be the winner, hands down. But at a ratio of 3:1, 3 knights can deal out slightly more dps than a single paladin, making them preferable.

But: max Knight’s health is 870 v. max Paladin’s at 2870. So, not only are Paladins more powerful (especially when they’re up against a barrier or tower or the castle gate), but they’re almost 3.5x more durable. 3 knights might equal 1 paladin, but the 1 paladin will technically outlive all 3 knights under the same conditions.

So, assume 3 knights and 1 paladin are attacked with the same mix of troops, all other things remaining the same (no towers, status effects, etc.). The knights will technically deal out more damage - provided they can all stay alive. Due to their low health, 1 knight will quickly die, and a second only shortly after the Paladin is at 1/2 health. So, their attack output diminishes dramatically over the duration of the battle.

Here’s a quick example:

3 knights generate 510 total normal damage per second, or 4590 damage over 9 seconds. But suppose one dies every 3 seconds, so whatever they’re attacking is dealing 290 damage/second. As they die, the damage drops off: 510*3, + 340*3, 170*3, for a total of 3060 damage over 9 seconds.

The Paladin will last 9.9 seconds being attacked at 290 damage/second. Over that duration, they deal 2108 damage, or only 2/3 of the Knights.

But, add in something with a 50% weakness to blunt, and their damage goes up to 4102, or about 133% of the knights. Add in 100% weakness and their damage quadruples to 8432, or almost 3x. that of the knights.

In short, there’s no easy answer. Every troop type is a tool; even in this isolated example where we’re not dealing with various buffs, status ailments and live raiding conditions, the answer isn’t clear. In a live setting, it’s highly complex, with dozens of variables that are changing every moment.

The best advice: know your troops strengths and vulnerabilities like the back of your hand, and spawn/deploy them at the appropriate times so that they can be where they need to be to deal out their specific kind of damage at the right time. In a nutshell, whoever can do that best is the best offensive player in the game.

What if you don’t have a great morale recharge like me so cant really summon enough paladins to protect my cannons?

Well done Sn1kt.

Damn you sure know this game well.

Add one fact more - Palladin’s do AOE damage - Knights not.

Knights in turn are faster, so they’ll reach their enemy more quickly, plus they have resistance to poison while paladins are weak to poison and normal damage… and as they also have a higher attack frequency, they deal damage more often (in smaller portions).

Though, paladins attack spikes, while knights just happily impale themselves while walking straight across them…

And e.g. heal or shield spells will be 3 times as effective with 3 knights as with 1 paladin.


I see this is getting very complicated! :wink: