troops tied up for 24hrs by one enemy

It is way too easy for one person to tie up a stack for 24 hrs. It is happening to us on this map even though we can hit our opponent for thousands of skulls and he struggles to get 100. It isn’t very fun to be tied up for 24 hrs over and over again.

I think its part of the fun (obviously its more fun, if you are the player who pinned the others down). But i agree it’s too extreme on this desert map.

sounds like a valid strategy to me. what is the complaint?

Sounds valid to me too.  We used it quite effectively  this time.  Key was to attack with one person when a group of enemies  were grouped on one tile with low defense modifier.    So if they were on open field.  One of our strong players  would attack.  As soon as we lost,  one more guy would attack


This way 3 to 4 players kept some 15 players active in turns

So how many Alliance levels smaller is he than you are if he struggles to only get 100 skulls to your thousands?  My Alliance is in the same boat.  All is fair in love and war.

If you don’t want multiple players tied up like that, then don’t stack. Keep a flexible formation and make it impossible for the enemy to tie all your forces down. But then if you spread your forces, be prepared to be picked off one by one. Eaxh approach has its strengths and weaknesses. 

I think it’s a fair strategy too, in my team we used it very well for 2 days, it was fun  :wink: