Trophies after today fix

So I read the announcement and it says it should be very fast for people that lost alot of troohies to climb back up but that we lose less trophies when defeated.

All the targets I can see now is only worth 1 trophy to me… ONE trophy…?? 

They are 4+ levels higher than me how is that supposed to be a quick climb back up?  

I see the same thing. I’m lvl 43 and I took a lvl 52 island and got 1 fricken trophy. Meanwhile I lost 150 overnight for some reason, I didn’t even lose that much territory. I’m seeing now most islands will give me 1 trophy. Only 13 max for a super tough opponent.

You lost 150 overnight and didn’t lose islands because people were cheating/exploiting. Unfortunately the number of trophies you get is based on the number of trophies they have rather than their ascension level. Unfortunately as long as people carry on buying gems Flare don’t seem to care about those who didn’t cheat and thus lost loads of trophies.

Hey there,

Today’s update was the second wave to fix the trophy system issues.

The minimum amount of trophies you can win is now back to 3.

Hopefully it will get better now, so don’t hesitate to share your feedback on this update!

Thanks a lot for your support. :slight_smile:

Its good that the minimum trophies have increased but it doesnt fix the problem at all since the matchmaker only pops up people that are worth 3 trophies ALL THE TIME!

The matchmaker should be based on trophies instead of ascension levels. Now I just find a bunch of 60+ guys with less than 1500 trophies. Cool I can get 3 trophies per raid but im bleeding out 100 per hour… I would need like 33 raids per hour just to stay stable…??

Still taste-testing this recent patch. Lost one trophy on a two key victory taking on a high Ascension player with more trophies than me. If someone is high Ascension and/or higher trophy, I think two key should be zero if not one. I should not lost trophies for risking an entertaining fight with a more powerful opponent.

Testing continues.

log on twice this morning and still lost more cups than I can gain. My heroes hall is level 7 and all my defences are maxed out with buffs on them. Seriously need a battle log. Can’t tell what’s going on. 

Same here, -80 cups since the last update, only managed to get around 20 back.

My trophies were around 2200 before the update that occurred friday.
I have lost more than 350 trophies between this update and the recent patch.

I was hoping that the new patch fixes the trophy system but it’s not the case.
During the night I lost more than 70 trophies again and now my trophies are near to 1800.
I lose more than I can gain. Even against stronger players (higher ascension level and divine blessing) than me I always lose trophies, no matter what I do.

This is very frustrating and I seriously think to quit the game because there is no fun to play.

Hello there,

Please get in touch with the support team about the trophies, they will be able to help you further :slight_smile:

Ok I will do that.

Thanks for your fast answer  :slight_smile:

At least the support team looks to work good… This gives me hopes for the future of the game 

I confirm that the support is good.
They are fast and efficient and now my problem is solved.
Keep up the good work!