Trophies, and an appeal for fixes

Monday’s server update did not fix what Friday’s server update broke.

Before last Friday, playing or grinding trophies to a specific level and staying there was based on your offense, defense, blessings, skill, etc…

Since Friday, it has been a trophy freefall at the top from a high of 6500 or so to a high of 6000.  Staying above 6000 for any stretch of time is now impossible.  You might get above 6000 for 15 minutes, maybe even an hour with constant attacking, but then you’ll go off to fight a 3-point battle and return to see that you’ve lost 50+ points elsewhere…no message, nothing.  

Trophies have never really been important from a gameplay standpoint, but they were at least a gauge of progress, an imperfect but useful measure of offensive/defensive power and a recognition of your time spent attacking and your defenses ability to protect your city.

Your own advertisements for this game talk about conquering distant lands and building an impenetrable base to keep rivals at bay…and you’ve just fubar’d the single measure of a players ability to do that!!

Your dedicated player base…you know the ones, you’ve managed to grab quite a few of our hard-earned $'s or £’s or €’s…is frustrated and reacting with the only leverage it has: stopping purchases and/or walking away.  Yet you still have the ability to fix all of this.  Listen, really listen, to the complaints.  Give us an opportunity to discuss the issues with someone.  If you think the most recent set of changes are “working as intended”, well, communicate that intent to us!  Most importantly, make an honest effort to implement reasonable fixes where they are warranted.


I agree completely. I was in a trophy freefall before the fix, and it has continued (slightly slower pace now, but still happening). I don’t even want to log into the game right now to see how many more I have lost. All islands around me are awarding 3 trophies each, but when I am losing 10-20-50-100 at a pop it’s impossible to keep up. Even players with higher  level, power, trophies, ascension (whatever they are using to gauge our matchup) are 3 and at most 5 trophies to conquer. The system is still broken. I was in the top 10 a week ago, 6100+ trophies, I have spiraled to new lows now. I have spent a lot on this game, but I truly feel like cutting my losses and walking away at times…

Seems it does only happen to high-level players. I`m level 76 now and nearly each time I log in I have a +3 on cups.