Trophies and Medals for My Base

Is there a way to see the number of trophies and medals for my own base like I see when I want to attack an opponent? Can I see how this number would change when I change how I set up my towers and blockades? The only thing I can find is to test my own defenses which says zero. Thank you!

U can’t see the amount

That doesn’t seem fair. Then I have no way of knowing what is a better setup for my base and how many trophies and medals someone will receive when they attack.

Yes, every player has the same problem with it, only way to get that info is ask a friend to look at your base.

even for very tough opponent i am getting just 29 medals then how i can win leagues  

Have a look here. You are not the only one …

Can someone please look at my base and tell me what my numbers are as far as the three maximum rewards? Thank you!

Also depends on lvl of the attacker,trophies count and so on. Which is your IGN? So i can check

My IGN is Lacie Wolf. Thank you!

Lacie,your base show me 0 trophies and 34 medals. That’s cause of my higher trophies count. I have 4321 trophies right now. You should ask someone around your trophies level. 


Thank you. My trophy count is 2552 right now. Can anyone please tell me the three maximum rewards numbers for my base? Thank you! 

I can’t find you in rr2.


you must be careful on this forum when post a comment. You must look the date. This topic is old April 8 its 7 month old. Good chance this player have stop playing