Trophies Dilemmatic

I`m struggling to reach 2400 trophies for rewards,

its so hard to consistent it!

im on between 1900 ~ 2100 trophies


  • how the effective way to reach 2400 trophies?


  • as we know we lose trophies if we lose on attack or defense,


  • is there any standard to getting trophies? between ?

 or just battle as much as possible with easy enemies?


  • so what is important attack or defense ?

attack gains you the trophies , defence maintain that trophy level so yeah to push higher up the leaderboard you need both attack and defence.Level up a lil bit and you’ll be fine.

is there any effective way to reach as fast as possible?

“SLOW and STEADY wins the RACE” - Thats what they say! :grinning:

I think the only fast way is to spend some money and level up/scrolls all the bases

Just keep upgrading your stuff.  You will find that 2400 comes pretty quick once you have a few more upgrades.  I hovered in 2000-2200 for a very long time, then unlocked Sonic Blast and once I started using that a bunch of bases that were really tough for me started falling easily and I hit 2400 in short order after that.

sonic blast,owh it will be so long… my wizard tower is still level 8 unlocked shield

Yeah, the combination of bladestorm and sonic blast it’s very dangerous and powerful, you can quicly dominate the rank as soon as you unlock them you reach over 2400 !  :grinning:

To really increase your trophies I would personally advise to concentrate on defence as there are generally way more people attacking you than you can attack in one go. So if your defence is lousy then you’ll lose all the trophies from 10+ battles by being attacked 2-5 times by much lower ranked players.Good luck.

For me, raising base defense is most efficiency way to raise Trophies.


Raiding other player is limited and have high chace to fail if you raid too strong player.

On the other hand, raising base defense not only give you a trophies also protect you from being looted.

i get more trophies from defense than from raiding players.

You will get more trophies from defense usually, since a defeat costs 2-4x as many trophies as a victory. Now, if only people would attack my base. I am getting attacked at most 5-7 times in a 24 hour period :slightly_frowning_face:

I usually get attacked about 20 times a day.