Trophies dropping and unbalanced war season matching

Hi, In this current season (the 3rd one yet) we are struggling against an alliance that has dropped throphies like crazy. Their general is last arround 1200, but against a similar king (1350 throphies) it gives me 700 medals. Imposible to get any amount of skulls from him. I’m guessing they have dropped arround 10.000 thropies in total before this war.

Now only 3 of the members of my alliance can get past 50% in their bases…  this results in a clear disadvantage in the war matching. No matter how much we attack… we don’t stand a chance…


Besides the throphy and fiefdoms amount… is there any way that the matching could avoid this kind of unbalance? Maybe considering the level of the kings in an aliance or including the same algorithm that is used to calculate the amount of medals won… since they both seem to be the only real measure to compare two kings. 


Regards, Toto!

This is not just ramping and being a bad looser, Otherwise I would have mentioned that we were placed in the middle of the map and we are currently struggling with 3 wars at the same time :slight_smile:

We are in the middle of the map too , and have 45 members. The other alliances have between 55-60 members. But it is what it is. I assume it will eventually balance itself out. For example if we get our but kicked this time , next time we would probably be placed in a war season with alliances closer to our level.

Dude I hate to tell you this but Flare Games is purposely pitting weaker players against stronger ones not only in guild war but regular


battles as well.its a ploy done puposley to get the weaker players to use scrolls and buy bread etc. Is been going on since the game


started and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon your wasting your time.The devs motto is spend money either collectively as a guild or


individualy as a player or get lost period point blank. They could care less if you can compete as long as you spend money just to lose


they are fine eithe way.

I hate to say it as well that Flare has been a little lazy on handling these issues because United We Stand is still stuck in pretty much the same situation as last time with member counts (I’ll admit it’s not as bad so) but nothing We can except see whether they will actually care about their customer’s pleas and concerns again.

In the regular game, you always have the choice not to engage stronger kings. In the war you’re stuck with what you get… and when what you get is imposible to compete against, thats when I see that something is wrong. In the last season we won each war without effort, but because we all attacked at our best, not because we fought weaker alliances. I knew that this season would be harder… because of the leveling… but now it’s on the other extreme… I’m just asking for a fair fight.


And dropping throphies to get ahead, is just wrong , no matter how you look at it. Level 70 kings with 1200 throphies? The game should not reward that behavior…  If they include the level of the king in the matching algorithm, this would be easely fixed. If this continues, and all the alliances start to do the same, we will end with 3 days of free bases at the end of each war and all the high level kings loosing their attacks… the game just isnt fun that way.


The member difference is also another issue… currenly we as a 24 members alliance are competing against a 30 members one. That’s results in about 1/5 more chances to gain skulls… If we all do max attacks and get 24.000 skulls they do 30.000… It’s a bit unfair. 


Just to be clear, I’m not complaining about having to fight strong players. I just want the posibility to win… to know that hipotetically if all the members at my alliance do 3 perfect attacks at the best of their abilities in each war, we have a chance to get the first place.


Regards, Toto

Anyways, throphies dont seem to be the main balancer… Something is really wrong with the matching, now we have 45.000 trophies and are fighting 2 alliances with 6 more players each (1/5 more) and 82.000 throphies aprox… almost double.


The only way to measure a king is by its level (time spent atacking in-game) and by the level of his defensive structures and waves… Alliances shoud be measured by the sum of the levels of their kings and their structures… not more than that, not less than that. And the war matching should pair up alliances with similar sum of said levels.


That’s the bottom line… now we have to wait 8 more days to for a chance to recover the 3 fiefdoms that we can’t possibly defend this season…