Trophies frustration

Ok, the trophy situation, has myself, an my team members frustrated, I’ll hit 8 island’s, worth 3 trophies each, an  it seems I’m always getting hit for 25 trophy loss,I’ve heard, the better your defense for your ascension level, the more likely you’ll take that 25 trophy loss,I’m a 125 ascension player, working hard to build up trophies, and taking losses from higher, and lower level ascension players, now, I love this game, and looking forward too new developments and expansion, but definitely frustrating, I know I’m not alone in this, overall, a great game for myself, an intend on playing, investing, and growing in the long term future :slight_smile:?, just voicing my frustration :slight_smile:, also, new hero’s would be nice, like aries, maybe even a dragon monster :slight_smile:, thanks everyone ?:slight_smile:

First mobile game who punishes to success. You gain trophy, you lost more. You level up yourself, your gears will lose power. GREAT WORK FG.

Both these points have logic … 

If you collect more trophies and there is no limit you can’t catch up the Top Lvl players and you will never be able to be Rank 1 … 

The gear gets weak as the players will become overpowered… Then you guys will be the one who will say the Gate defenders are very strong and can’t be killed…

This is my third mobile game like OR. I think one of the main reason make the  game stuck for old players and also new players is the devs never created new servers. If they did make new servers for example per 3 months, this beautifull  game might cover more players. Hİghly active players who like the game much, for example currently a lvl 80 player, can not reach my power. But if the new servers created, that mid lvl players would play mainly at the newer servers. Personally i would do that. I decided to play this game hardly 2 months  after installing  the game. The top list are near same 8 months ago like today. Alysea,pouria,oldnova,gammall etc… If new servers created, i would start journey at there (i have nothing to loose. i am a mid lvl, can reach that lvl easily at new server, but i understand i love the game and i am hardworking, i would be a top 10 player) Because there is no new server, devs are no choice left, they have to decrease powers when lvl up. It is not suitable of gaming mechanics i guess. But there is no choice. At least forging fix some. Secondly devs are trying to hold the gap between high and lower lvl players, but this make high lvl’s game experience boring. High lvl gamers want to progress. Heroes lvl, tower lvl… caps are same…  Mid lvls quit because of no challange for them. And does not help the lower lvls as well. I do not understand why did not do that they would sell more gems too. 

it is a system that favors and favors passive players. It is not convenient to attack, there are players with high lvl and few trophies, if you attack them and beat them you win 3 trophies, if you do not beat them you lose 9, 16 or even more trophies, this flaregames is convenient because so not to risk losing trophies whoever attacks is forced to use the gems to be sure. All this is ridiculous, in fact instead of using gems to buy items and go on forcing us to use the gems to not lose and go back

Don’t you just hate it when an ascension level 116 attacks you, beats you, and gets 25 trophies considering you are only at ascension level 100 The opponent is 16 levels higher. It obvious that you will lose, but losing 25 trophies to a higher rank player is insane. I feel like I’m robbed. Flaregames must do something about this battle system. It is not balanced and favors those who are passive players. Its frustrating everytime this happens. ???

I don’t want to defend the current system, but just to be clear … you don’t lose 25 thropies from a higher ranked player. You are losing them, in this situation, to a higher level which has nothing to do with rank.

The 25 you lose comes from him having less thropies than you, which means either you’re very good for your level, or that he sucks (rank wise) for his level.

Or he for some reason flushed his trophies and is farming lower levels now. And yes, there are mechanisms to prevent gem farming this way, but I am pretty sure it is easy to get some while casually heading back towards designated ascension level, eventually meeting weak enough high-levels

the current system sucks, not considering the players’ lvl is ridiculous as the lvl increases with the enhancements of structures, units and powers.
players attack me with superior lvl and always take trophies … always
The story of having many trophies for their lvl is an excuse and it is not serious, because it punishes those who engage and is active and rewards those who sleep.
I attack players always with lvl superior and full of blessings for only 3 trophies, while the clever (rewarded by flaregames with this system) collect trophies effortlessly

sistema schifoso1.PNG

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the festival of the stolen trophies, the time to answer the topic and I have taken another 23 trophies (always players with lvl higher than mine).
Meanwhile, two months ago I find only opponents who give me 3 trophies (with very high lvl and all kinds of active blessings), I have to spend the days recovering the trophies that are taken away from the clever players rewarded by flaregames

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Why loosing 25 trophies or opposite? Is it necessary? Why not just getting 3 trophies if we win? At defence why not all losts - 3? Succesfull defences +5 maybe ? Why there is a trophies cap? Most active players must collect as they want…  Why not trophies reset at the end of each month? Trophies benefit like pheme can be active for next month?? Vasudeva right this system favors passive players (island occupiers) 

That’s an interesting idea for sure. The current system has a couple of advantages built in. If you take a few weeks off and lose a bunch of trophies, it lets you get back up to speed quicker. It forces players to the median, or at least allows players to drift towards the median (not inherently a bad thing!). And it puts caps on the number of trophies without really putting a cap on anything (and if you’ve played with top level pheme, it does need a cap. There’s currently no reason for it to be more powerful than it is at the highest levels), and that soft cap can raise as players progress without changing anything in the system. But it’s frustrating to get hit for -25 constantly and never see players on your map worth more than 3. And it is a pat on the ass for lazy players at the expense of the hardest working players, which isn’t an awesome design decision. I think there are a few soft tweaks that could be made (the best being tying potential trophy prize value to trophies AND level, not just trophies) that would help refine the system without a complete overhaul. I really don’t think it’s that broken. But I love the idea of some other kind of non-war competition that players could engage with on a monthly basis. Like having a leaderboard for the most trophies earned in a month with prizes given out (and have it be subdivided so players at all levels are able to compete, and with prizes for “graduating” to the next tier of players), or prizes for the fewest trophies lost to reward good defenses. The prizes don’t have to be extreme, a few gems or a chest, but I think players would really like the competition.

I certainly see how the competitive league-like system would work, given some refinements. I have seen it before and played it before, so some things to consider here: Pay to win people usually quantize on top (not like it doesn’t happen atm), solely because they can attack more and invo more, so the rewards shouldn’t be big whatsoever, else they will actually boost the p2w, who would in turn become even more potent and desire the boost again… You see the cycle I guess. Secondly, I can already see how lovering your trophies and then blasting them off in a final 12-24 hours would be a legit strategy, simply because of the way map MM works (Cant loose 25 to someone higher than you in terms of rank, can get +25 though). This would essentially put a ginormous stress on all participants to absolutely blast it in that time and result in “fake trophy” monstrosities we all hate atm (+3 trophy max for a def that is way stronger than your attacking potential in reality) populating the map. Finally, the trophy reset would cause a heavy drop in gold income and given some of the top players there having 18k… Guess how long it would take them to get back there with +3 trophy per battle MAX, all while being open to ALL the opponents, essentially loosing -25 with EVERY loss. So unless the def os boosted again or some sort of hard-cap on trophy decrease is implemented, the forum is going to be populated with agonizing rants regarding cost and trophies (again)

Yeah, I think the idea of re-setting the trophy count is weird, and I don’t think there are many players left who deliberately drop trophies. The players at the top have to do 100 fights a day to keep rank, and most players choose not to do that. That doesn’t prevent anyone from having a good defense. And there are lots of people near the top with pretty crappy defenses. They just attack constantly.

There’s another big misconception here, though, and it’s that just because someone is high level it means they’re good. It doesn’t take any skill to become high ascension level.  All you do is log in every few days and put your workers to work. I’ve said it many times before, but if you follow the suggested upgrade path, you’ll find yourself very high level very quickly, without the defense or offense to really compete. It’s super easy to ruin an account that way. So while I understand why it chaps people to get hit for big trophies by a guy who’s 10 or 15 levels above them, it doesn’t mean they’re a good player and  it doesn’t mean that they weren’t matched well based on their skill. Your heroes for the most part get WEAKER as you go up levels unless you’re super on top of things, and most players aren’t. Maybe the real problem is that when you get attacked, all you see is the hero someone used, what level they are, and you can get a rough idea of their fame. So it’s some information, but it’s deceptive. Here’s another thing I’ve said before, but we could have much better metrics for players. A player could be given a score based on fame, VP scored in war, trophies, and a whole bunch of other data sources that really captures their power and ability better than just level. Then, a level 100 player who gets hit for 25 by a level 120 player could say “ok, even though he’s 20 levels higher than me, I have a way higher Global score, so maybe he just sucks” and the whining is over. Just a thought.

Ok. I will give you 2 player examples. Both of them are good.  Plz choose which drops your jaws. And if you have a chance to take one of them at your team, which one will be chosen? 

One is Jerry, lvl 105 having 11k trophies

Other is Tom, lvl 130 having 11k (ok it can be 14k, much challenging) trophies.

Jerry has 8500 fame pts, Tom has 6k fame points.   

If you choose Jerry, Jerry will have no chance to be at top 100, whatever he does, unless many people quit playing i guess. And noone will now him:) 

I think we must see more Jerry’s. Game must motivate them and must help them. So why top ranks determined by trophies numbers? It would be better with taken over island numbers??? 

I imagine a top list with a 90-100 lvls competing with 130 lvls… 

Montly Reset not give any harm to top active players because they show insane activity to hold their 17k points. Many high lvls with 6-7k points does not have business left with points. But there are many lower lvl players that has the passion (like me 6 months ago) will have a same oppurtunity with highers. Keep total points np, add montly leadership based on wins, everyone will be happy. Motivate all players… 



For my alliance I’d take Tom every time, but I’d probably cut him if his defense stunk. Low level players struggle in war against the best defenses. 

Your alliance is at top 10 and you must have full set of highest lvls. That is the other point jerry will not find a place for himself at a 50 member alliance that having all blessings active (and much more powerfull of course)  alliance :slight_smile: I know, bad for Jerry again.

What’s the point in playing regularly (and in some cases, even PAYING regularly for gems) when this game clearly favours passive players? What’s the incentive for regular players? Getting smacked in the face by losing hard-earned trophies to players who come in once every few days, switch the game on, attack a couple of times and then switch off? Losing 25 trophies repeatedly to players who don’t really take the game seriously nor are they invested in the game like many of us are? It’s frustrating to say the least.