Trophies frustration

You used to not be able to see who attacked you. Would that be better?

I don’t think that last part is weird at all, especially with curse breaking requirements sometimes forcing you to use sub-optimal builds or runs in full-auto. And some players don’t really care about trophies, they’re just trying to level a hero or earn some gold to launch an odyssey. And sometimes the phone rings while you’re playing or you’re doing stuff you really shouldn’t be like driving. None of these things contribute to high scores, but some players care way more about trophies than others. I think the  BIG  misconception people have in all of this is that when they get attacked, they think the person on the other side is directly targeting them. 9.999 time out of 10 they’re not at all, because it’s virtually impossible to target an individual player on your map. 9.9999 times out of 10 they’re just attacking the island next to them, or in the case of high level players attacking lower level players, they’re just attacking one of the islands closest to Olympus that has the easy enemies. It’s not another player’s fault that you show up on their map!  It’s not another player’s fault that they like to play a certain way, either, and if they like to log in once a week and dick around, good for them! If they’ve been doing it for over a year and they’re level 125, even better. Kudos. I would like to see the Dev team try out some different things when it comes to trophies, though. It might seem like a small thing to a lot of people, and some folks just don’t care. I almost exclusively get attacked for -23 or -25. Every single time. But there are only like 30 people in the game with more trophies than me. It’s just not one of those things that bothers me. But it bothers a lot of people, and that frustration builds and builds and builds.  For me, war is my number # 1frustration with the game, but it’s trophies for A LOT of people, and nobody would complain if there was more active “tinkering” with the system. We all recognize that this game is basically an open beta and the kinks get worked out on the fly, and we’re still playing it. It’s been a long time since trophies got any tweaks, and it’s due. 

or some players prefer to be like a father and help grow members of their alliance, and fight every day instead of hiding like cowards behind the safety of great alliances receiving gems and trophies for free without doing anything

I was very active before, I always kept on attacking because I occasionally wake up having lost 250 trophies and it frustrated me to the point of wanting to throw the tablet against the wall. I reorganized my defence and since then became a passive kind of player and I got attacked lesser and I only lose maybe maximum of 60 trophies a day which I eventually get back usually with my defence and only a few attacks. I guess most people just prefer to play it like this (“passive”) because hell, why bother attacking for 100 times a day if you sleep and you still lose 250 trophies right?

Don’t take it personally, just my opinion. This can be a topic of itself, but what I mean by fishes is that they prefer to have the power for themselves instead of doing the hard but right steps for their teams. My leader had the balls to say yes to the merger proposal, and for me, this is the real indication of who deserves to make decisions and be followed. Fathers send their kids to schools after all. That’s my take on that, not going to shift the focus towards this anymore.

Yeah, I am running on a similar schedule atm, except this is primarily due to not being able to afford those 5-6 hours of gameplay anymore. I am not even interested in fact; it’s all generic enough for me to do the raiding while reading, which isn’t by far an optimal solution cause AI have tendencies of messing things up by shooting barricades over Charon’s and doing other crap like this. Which makes me think that it isn’t just about trophies, but instead a matrix of small things that contribute to the general picture. Well, we are getting war system changes soon, good or bad I may not know, hope this would change things slightly.


@Infamous  Yeah, I am cool with having that same schedule as well, makes it less frustrating for me. In autoplay, all my heroes run straight to apollo’s tower if there is one, even if it is flocked by other different towers. They can be stupid. Haha.

50 trophies in less than 35 minutes 

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Hello everyone!

when I am writing this I just lost 159 trophies(in only 4 minutes :wink:  because the current trophy system  thinks I am holding to many trophies form ascension level)while I did earn 45 gems tho(honestly speaking I don’t need gems I can buy them whenever they are on discount or farm them also I have reached I point in the game where I have unlocked all spell and troop slots for my all heroes and have bought three workers )decided to share the screen shots of my battle logs to clarify why I hate current trophy system.

I am working tirelessly for five months to build up trophies(see I like my rank and I need to be in top 1000 player in order to activate 5th spell slot for Artemis and that is why I hate losing trophies to a unfair system.) and if I win 100 trophies in a day system makes sure that I will lose 300 trophies in an hour because my fault is that I am holding to many trophies for my Ascension level as being told by many high ascension level players who are playing at very high trophy count(I have respect for players that actually beat my defense without using invocations or if they are at low level than me or are not using strong divine blessings I won’t mind losing 25 trophies to such players but I hate it when I lose trophies to players whose alliances always provide them with strong divine blessings and it becomes easy for them to beat my defense) In less than two months I have changed my defense layout countless times that I have even lost it’s count and experimented a lot with troops in defense waves and changing them from time to time finally did created a tough defense system that my own heroes can’t beat without using invocations.)But I am absolutely helpless against players that have more enhancements ,blessings and are playing at high level (obviously their heroes are better equipped than mine)for them it is like taking a walk in the park whenever they are attacking my base(as I see no hero dies on my defense map) and they are rewarded 25 trophies for beating a low level players.Now recently i am losing trophies for winning against high level players like 10,8,3 or 1 if a players reaches more than 30% percent of my defense  that frustrates me even more.In case of bad INTERNET connection damn I lose 35 trophies or 25 or 17 depending upon the defender trophies count(well a bad concept) that needs to be scrapped down.


I have simple a request Flare games please do not punish active players like me or anyone who loves this game.Please hear my plea :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: change current trophy system it is bad for everyone(for both new comers and veteran alike)

I have only one recommendation if a player lose to a defense please reward 3 trophies to the defender regardless of the matter if attacker has zero trophies and reward 3 trophies to me for wining a battle.I do not mind if it takes a year for me to reach top 1000 players list.



@HOLYDIVINEI posted this above, but I think it’s completely wrong to assume that just because a player is higher level than you that they’re good at the game or that their heroes are well equipped. The guy who attacked you is probably not a strong player, because he failed against you twice. Ignore level, it doesn’t make heroes stronger or make you magically able to play the game well. Your heroes get weaker in the most important stats as you level up, and if you aren’t lucky or dedicated to getting chests and forging gear you can find yourself unable to beat same-level competition. That’s why trophies are used in match-making, not just level. There are all different skill levels of players across various ascension levels. I’ve recruited players over level 120 who really aren’t very good at the game at all and can’t find any defenses they’re able to score against at the high levels of war. I’ve also met players in the low 100s who can beat any defense you give them if they’re willing to use 1 or 2 invocations. Forget about level. Look at trophies. You got attacked by a weak player. And use the gems you’re earning to support your alliance and buy some blessings, don’t complain about other teams having stronger blessings. That’s the easiest problem in the world to fix, just spend your gems. Help out yourself and your teammates.

wow , you suggest to turn out gems and then money for an unjust system that rewards lazy people instead of asking to have a fair system that is based on merit and commitment by rewarding active people.
it’s as if you said to buy a car without a motor, pay it at full price and put more money to have a car as it should be

blessings help, I myself spend money on my alliance. The problem is that when you are attacked by 8-10 players with a higher lvl and you take away more than 200 trophies, you will never be able to recover the lost trophies, this is what @HOLYDIVINE says and I agree with him.
You can say what you want but 5-7 or 10 lvl above all the high lvl is a huge difference
What we ask is an honest system, which gives you the chance to recover the lost trophies and not to lose 300 trophies a day and recover only 30 or less

Hey @vasudeva1you forgot to mention one important thing in case of bad connection you lose 35 ,25,17 trophies.?Even if you defeat the base and when a message in red color reads “Bad Connection” when your hero is standing at destroyed gate of happened with me on a raid this morning where I lost 17 trophies ?.It just feels wonderful losing 17 trophies in just few seconds☺️ While Now To recover those trophies I Again have to fight 6 battles that will give me 18 trophies and Also not to mention I have to spend some 30 minutes more on playing a game when my heroes have reached level 20.Now it no longer feels fun to play the game to recover lost trophies.Well I love a powerful pheme spell (mine is at level 16 right now don’t know it’s maximum level yet)comes handy against Nyxs tower in Helios light that can’t be reached by Siren.

This trophy system is not good. Many many ideas come to life by devs. 

My another suggestion is: divide and group players according to his lvls. Create a listing option that players can track themselves and other players weekly, monthly, all time. Reward top of them with personal blessings or gems. Put a point system like this. An attack win +3, an attack lost - 5, a defence  lost - 3, a defence win +5.

So smilar lvl players attack eachother… 

So everybody has a challange/competition … 

So an active lvl 30 player can take the joy as well as a lvl 80 or a lvl 120 player… 

So smilar power players can find eachother eachother and create promising alliances… 


Out of everything that the game has, I think the trophies system is the most frustrating. Maybe the devs just do not know how to improve it yet. Hopefully they are working on it.

you’re right, this is another absurd thing

In fact, players with high lvl, many blessings and a few trophies force you to use gems so you do not lose 17 or more trophies when you attack them, and this flaregames is a great pleasure