Trophies = FUN


Ive Been talking to some players in OR and discussing a new contest that involves trophies!

lets make one day a week ( trophie day) a contest!


1, all have 24 hours to collect as much trophies as possible. The trophie count in this contest Will be a side bet, so it Will not count on your normal trophies.

2, the amount of trophies you can get from beating a player should be 3. I know the lower lv guys would not like it so to make it fare that day, you only get players with the same lv on your map, maybe -+5 levels.

3, all should start with the same amount of Islands on theyr map, lets say all have 10-15 Islands to start with and when this Islands are beaten then 5 new appears, all Islands must be beaten before getting new Islands opened. Something like that.

4,the winners should be awarded with gems. How much and how many player is up to dev team or flare. 

This rules are not writen in stone so you can bend on them, But something in that direction


this Will make the game more fun instead of only having war as a fun part. Ive noticed alot of high lv players starting playing other games for fun and only play wars in OR. 

Pls feel free to comment and adding more rules to Trophie day ?

Thank you!



I like the ideas. Trophies are currently pointless except for the Titan Points, where one needs 500 gems or other accounts/friends to open Titan Chests.

Competition is fun and will keep us entertained with the trophies too! Outside of war, the main reason to play for many high levels is only to level up heroes…



Very nice suggestions, a bit similar to tournaments in RR2. One additional: each player should use each hero only once or twice, before the hero counter is reset (I mean, not time as in war fights, but mandatory usage of all heroes, to reset counter).

In that context and conc. Freemind’s comment: I wonder if right now it’s even worth to max all heroes -> you need 3 20s for war, and (or one of them) a 20 Ajax to beat any base. I got all As at 20 (Ajax, Athena, Achilles, Ariadne), not caring about the others, since I am not using them for months …

Many don’t bother with all heroes to level 20.

Some are perfectionist…

Also receiving a unique item for a hero never/rarely used before leads to leveling him/her up too. Just to try out the new shiny and fancy item. ?

I agree though, there should be a way to encourage the use of ALL heroes.

For example, if you level up all heroes, you have some bonus. Once you maxed the level of a hero, you still receive XP points, but those are used to get permanent stats increase for all heroes. (Like in Diablo 3 once a hero has reached level 70)

Great comments guys!!

what does te dev team think about this ide? Is this something you might consider in the future?

captain Morgan?

it would really Bring back the fun in this game exept from just waiting for wars. The Trophies hunting would be Awesome.

I only see good sides from this ide 

Seriously.feel bit annoyin when we collect trophies from other player then someone take more then we collect.sometime 18-20 trophies.we cant go higher and still that position forever even use gem because this kinda method.They should change trophies gameplay.player only get 3 per battle.they cant get more than that.if they fail in battle, they  lose 10 or 15 trophies.

Again another great idea that was never implemented in the game???

@CaptainMorgan Please Please Please bring such feature in the game.I am bored to death just to fight opponents for three trophies while getting hit for more than three trophies.

Now I think I should start playing Royal Revolt 2 ???.


In RR2, is it +3/-3 all the time?

Nope but I hear it is more fun to play than OR and game always have leauges to reward active players with cool items or bonuses.

I am tired of going on a trophy hunt as my all heroes are now at level 20.Game feels boring when you are only Fighting opponents for a lousy reward of three trophies for entenity while getting hits for fifteen trophies nowdays.


Come, let us download RR2. :wink: