Trophies given on winning v losing. Seems unfair

I apologize if this has been discussed elsewehere but I couldn’t see any posts.

I am hoping someone can explain how the amount of trophies given out on raids is worked out because it doesn’t seem right.

All players that attack me take about 9 trophies from me but if I attack them I only get between 3 & 4. Flare told me once when i asked them that it goes on attack v defence strength, player levels and trophies etc, but these players are equal and higher levels and trophies AND I beat my own base a lot easier than I beat their base, so it’s not as if I have a formidable base to conquer.

What makes it more difficult to understand is that all top 10 players only offer me around 8-10 trophies which is what I apparently offer ALL players who attack me. I am ranked about 500, level 99 and even a level 112 player with 300 more trophies only offers me 7 trophies. It just doesn’t add up. I am mot a giant in offence or defence that should be handicapped like this. Oddly enough my fellow team mates say the same thing happens to them. I can’t beat bases that offer 9 trophies but can beat my base easily.

Can anyone explain this?

I agree, something is very wrong with the trophy system. For a long time I only received 1-3 trophies, no matter who I attacked (0 trophies if they were ranked lower than me). However, when I was attacked, I would lose 12 trophies (even if I was attacked by someone with 6000 trophies!).



The reason for this was because I always ran gold shields. So only rarely was I attacked. While at the same time, I never lost a raid. So after weeks of never losing raids and rarely being attacked. The system started to treat me as if I was world rank 1 with 6500 trophies, even though I was only 5500 trophies.


The cure for this is either to purposely lose raids (to much lower ranked bases) or to have a lot of attacks on your base. I was recently in a war, were I was attacked 200+ times… My trophy gains normalized for a little while after that (gaining 4-12 trophies). However, after a week of not being attacked, I am back to only receiving 2-5. Still much better than 1-3. I am hoping this war helps more as well.


So… It would seem to me that you probably win 98%+ of your raids and only get attacked 1-4 times a day. I am still trying to figure out how this works, so let me know if this sounds like your situation as well.


The other day I got attacked twice by higher levels and they both got low % on my base which resulted in me getting 123 trophies in total (60 & 63). There is no way my base offers that much so I did feel bad for them as its unfair

Hi Shamyaza, you are probably right. I do shield a lot and win most battles. Still, why penalize players who win?

I don’t think it is fair. I sent them a ticket asking them to take a look into it, as many people have been upset with current trophy system.