Trophies in lost battle

can someone from he developers answer in the question if it’s in your plans to stop giving trophies in lost battles…? 

Talked to a Developer about this. 

They are waiting for things to level out before they consider making any changes.

give it a few more days and let’s see how it turns out

but I agree with you, as of right now I think if you lose a battle you should lose trophies

Hey lefteris,

We are looking into the data, and will always consider making changes if we think it makes sense, however, it is not currently our plan to stop giving trophies in Raid battles. The only way you can earn trophies in Raid battles is if the other player has significantly more trophies than you. Currently, this number is over 800 trophies more than you, until you get 1 trophy without taking out the gate. Even if the player is 10 levels above you, they still need to be more than 500 trophies ahead before you get 1 trophy. That is if you want to spend your Ambrosia, and potentially Gems to take on a +10 levels player (which many in the forum already think is a very high opponent to appear on your island).

At the moment, because of the big gaps between players, it can be the case more often than it actually should be, that a player has a strong trophy difference, the level difference will also decrease in the next update.

If you pay out a large sum of Ambrosia and Gems to take this person out, and make it to the gate, despite them being way above you in both ranking and level, we believe you deserve to get at least something. It keeps the game competitive, and it will always be much more beneficial in the long run to actually take the island. It’s a lot of Ambrosia to go to waste.

If you’re talking about players attacking your defense, please also note, that just because your Hero doesn’t go back to Mount Olympus, it doesn’t mean you didn’t get beaten. There’s currently no easy way to see if you were beaten or not (that will change in the future). Your heroes can withstand quite a few attacks at your position in the Hall of Fame before they are beaten back (it increases with Hall of Fame tier).

Just to put it in perspective: (and I don’t mean this to seem harsh!) you are currently 65th in the world in the Hall of Fame, with an active pool of hundreds of thousands of players. That means you have less trophies than 64 people, and more trophies than hundreds of thousands of others. It should not be easy, in any game, to stay in that position, otherwise the game is not competitive. Especially since you are level 49 and have many more trophies than the average player of your level.

That said, thankyou for your continued feedback on this, your opinion on it it is very valued. We are keeping it in mind, watching the numbers, and will keep you guys updated.


Hi captain, thanks for the explanation above. As you know I’m lvl 99 and have been number 1 off and on. I’m currently in a odd position because of my lvl which pairs me with other high lvl players that have less trophies which results in my attack award only being 3 trophies. I can be attacked and lose a lot of trophies but find it difficult to gain those trophies back with such a low trophy amount for my effort. Given the current state of the game were it appears the pairing is based on lvl and rank is based on trophies, wouldn’t it make more sense to have the pairing based also on your trophy rank? Also, it would make me attack more if I know I would get more for those attacks. 


say the max trophies possible is 30 and that’s if you can win without any resurrection and a minimum gem powers, perfect score. 

If you use a lot of gem powers and have to resurrect multiple times then there is a trophy deduction that lowers the amount of trophies you receive. What those deduction are I don’t know, leave that up to you to figure out.

in a system like that you would have players of the same lvl playing each other and be givien trophies based on their efforts and game play. The more you attack and win the higher you rise in the rankings. It also, makes players have to lvl up to become competitive at higher lvls.

Currently that wouldn’t work given that there are lvl 20’s and 30’s in the top 20 but that system would level the current issue out. I’m in the top ten but I’m paired with players in the 60’s are lower instead of playing against top 10 players.

i don’t know, it’s food for thought.

still love the game but I’m kinda trapped, I really want to attack but there isn’t any benefit to doing so. Just opens me up for more attacks with little in return.


Correction they are dropping fast, the highest player on my map is rank 84 and as low as the 400’s maybe lower by the time you check.

Look, every time I attack I lose more and more trophies!! I can attack, three battles in a row I win easy and look at my trophy count and I’m down 37 trophies. I can’t attack!!! 

I’m going to wait a couple days but I don’t think the trophy system will work

two reasons:

  1. gaining trophies on an attack loss adds up VERY quickly for large loses for the defender and causes trophies to drizzle back down to low levels

  2. not being able to attack players lower level than us. This will only cause the trophies to eventually go back down to low levels as well.

Example: lvl 80 attacks level 90 and wins 10 trophies, that lvl 90 has no way of earning those trophies back unless he/she attacks a higher level

That lvl 80 will get attacked by a lvl 70 and lose 10 trophies

That lvl 70 get attacked by lvl 60 and lose those 10 trophies

And it continues down the ladder…


trophies are rarely earned on defense and do not cover for the loses sustained for the above points, only point in upgrading defense is to minimize the amount of trophies lost even when you win.

as of right now I only believe higher level players are on leaderboards are due to the reimbursement or them attacking non stop


this could change - I’ll wait a couple days and revisit

Answer 1. The system I’m talking about doesn’t awarded if you can’t finish. If you don’t take down Apollo gate you get nothing. And if you do but have to use crazy gem power and resurrect todo so you get less.

Answer 2. You will be able to attack lowers lvl’s with a range say 1-300, 300- 600 and so on. Whatever they make those ranges depending on data. Right now I have players in the 400’s on my map and lvl 102 that are 122 in the ranking. Yes they need to be wide enough to have a good mix. Remember the pairing would be based on trophies and if your not strong enough to be in that group you will not be there. So if your low in that group you will need to upgrade to be effective. Again those lvl will be based on trophies so a lvl 26 will not be in the top 100 or even the 500 probably.

It wouldnt hurt to try see because the current system doesn’t work. If I attack now I lose trophies and if I do nothing I lose trophies but it much less than attacking. So I just build roads and whatever is left to upgrade.