Trophies offense vs defense

Can someone explain why I can raid someone and get a max of 9 trophies but if I lose they get 41 of my trophies?

Not really: it’s a punitive system that is disproportionate. This “phenomenon” puts downward pressure on trophy inflation, though I’m not sure that’s why its so imbalanced.

You can minimize the disparity by only using favorites/leaderboards/tournament ranking: the max you can lose when battling there is -15. The much larger losses (meaning failure to destroy gate) are only suffered when losing while *battling through the matchmaker*. Fortunately, the potential trophy/gold gains are the same: the only things you’re giving up by doing this are 1) ability to attack a player more than 3x in 60 minutes, and 2) the medal boost awarded by your trophy rank.

If you lose 41 trophies on a attack loss that means you should have easily beaten that opponent based on the games match making system. It also means you died early on in the base as if you get 50% or so into a base you would have only lost a few trophies.

Key phrase, Jimingo: “based on the games match making system”.  Just know that the system is subject to gaming and manipulation.  


Again, you stick your neck out in matchmaker. Doesn’t mean not to do it; but it’s good to know the stakes are much higher.  At its worst, the ratio of risk-to-reward is skewed over 6-to-1 against you.  In other words, you could get 100% on 6 raids against that base; and if completely botch #7 and an Ogre smashes your tent with you getting 1%, you’ll lose it all.  


And losing a lot of trophies can happen very late in raids.  The other day I lost -24 and I was a split-second (got 75%) from destroying the gate.  


There are fairly uniform rules for how trophy awards (and losses) are calculated; but sometimes the variables can produce extreme figures. 

Spot on. I made one small mistake that killed me getting only 8% completion. In the end it really does not matter though. I see people getting killed early on my base and push me up 50 - 100 trophies then I get clobbered by people in the 4000+ trophy range pushing me back in my comfort zone(3900ish range)

Is the matchmaker the attack button in the bottom right corner(Android)? If so that is really all I use except my attack history sometimes. if someone drops a few gems on me I will try to encourage them to do it again :slight_smile:

Lol i dont understand this mechanism i always see burninator members 35 trophies above from my rob lol some of them are beatable but some of them need scroll tho

By the way, if you search the current random opponent from matchmaker and attack him from the search results, it seems the same rules apply as when directly fighting that opponent from match maker.

However, when you click “new opponent” on the matchmaker, and then search the old opponent, it behaves like any other non-match making raid.


So when you care about trophies and are not sure whether or not an opponent from the match making is beatable, but still want to try it, either favorite him or remember/search his name on leaderboard, and attack him after pressing “new opponent” in match making.



Anyway, what recently annoyed me a bit was that some players gained over 10 trophies at my base (low-medium level towers) for a 80-85% raid, while their base with all-max towers (and tougher waves than mine and more elite boosts activated) only would give me 8 trophies or so for a 100% win. Those persons also were 200 trophies higher in leaderboard…

So, for a base with much higher towers, waves, boosts and trophies than mine, I get less reward for a 100% victory than they (btw same/slightly higher king lvls than me) get from me for a 80% raid?! :blink:

I am curious about this as well. I have been attacked by a player 10-15 levels higher (or more) and they get 9-10 trophy’s and if I was to retaliate I would only get 4 trophy’s… trophy dumping is one thing, but I have no way to counter to try to get my trophy’s back unless I feel like attacking a more formidable foe 3 times? I have been racking my brain on this for awhile, trying to determine how this could be balanced. What I can figure is to have a battle off total experience points and having the kingdom itself give a player exp points for building upgrades as well… a 1M exp point player cannot attack a player out of a 10,000 exp point range (… or however much would be required to keep it balanced and challenging… could be 50,000 points or whatever). Would stop players that trophy dump from picking on dudes just starting out and increase the challenge of having battles with closer balanced players. 10 towers, 7 barricades on their own could amount to 1M experience points, all kingdom buildings could be worth 2M once added lvls to a certain lvl are considered… so the player could trophy dump all they want and still only have certain opponents around their level to attack making it more challenging instead of bullying little dudes and thinking their all that and the master warrior :slight_smile:

These disparities are 1) unintentional effects of players with strong defenses and leveled kings who are poor raiders, or 2) intentional manipulation or “gaming” of the (easily gamed!) trophy algorithm by players who know how to fool the algo into treating them as weaker than they are. The goal: to take more trophies from you than you can from them, even if they “look” stronger. Your king level and defense aren’t the key variables: your leaderboard rank and performance against players deemed stronger or weaker is. The true measure of how the game perceives you: how many trophies do you get for a full victory (100%) against a base; and how many does that base’s hero get from you? Trophy rank is a key variable, but it isn’t the only one.

You say it… sometimes it really feels like the worse your attack skills are, the better your rewards get, and vice versa, making skill basically irrelevant… :slightly_frowning_face: