Trophies problem...

What happen?

When he attack me, I losing 7-8 trophies, but I attack him just 4 trophies. While his level and trophies higher than me.

Please see it ^^ thank you.

Well, on the bright side for you: You get more medals for him than I do and you have a higher bonus as well :grinning:


I think it could be that if you attack the same player a lot they stop giving you too many trophies…


The weird thing is that from the attack log he seemed to have attacked you 4 times in an hour… :huh:

Too many attacks on the same person will do that to you Tim. And I have a feeling you attacked MasterE a lot more times than he attacked you considering the huge league records you keep establishing…and not only him… I saw a bunch of attacks on me as well. The algorithm has to compensate somehow, and if it sees a lot of victories it declares you a very strong player (which you are) and limits the trophies that you can win.

A player relative strength is calculated not only based on your position/king level but also on the ration of victories/defeats your base had.

So not a bug, just a natural result. Saw it happen to me after attacking repeatedly the same player.

Sorry, didn’t know the normal rules don’t apply to Top10, never been there :stuck_out_tongue:

sooner or later, u will be seeing 2,3 trophy only LOL

good news is tin will probably stop breaking league record now  :wink:


  1. The algorithm is designed to maintain balance at the top of the leaderboard: this is why you never see a single player at #1 running away to 6000 while his competitors are near 5000.  As you climb higher and successfully raid, trophies available to win will continue to decline; and players ranked only a few spots lower will received up to twice from you what you do from them.   


  1. What has happened here is not a “bug”: it is called “over-grazing”.  When you attack the same individual or few individuals over and over again and receive 95-100% every time, the algorithm will reduce the number of trophies you are eligible to receive.  When you’ve attacked them far more (probably triple, if not more) than they’ve attacked you - something your post suggests has happened - the algorithm i) sees it as farming, and ii) thinks (mistakenly or not) you are far too strong for that base.  If you continue to attack and the player cannot counterattack, the issue only gets worse.


So, by raiding one or a few players much too often (something matchmaking is designed to prevent) without giving them an opportunity to counterattack, this situation has been created in part due to your play style.  Other reasons it has happened: This happens in the Top 10 especially because there’s a limited number of players in matchmaking, and is also happening because you (Tin1187) are an iOS player and so the pool of available bases right now is very small.   


What’s required to fix this?  1) Time, and 2) raiding other players aside from the small handful you have been, while allowing those players you are attacking so often to attack you.  Until then, the math as you noted will always be against you.  


Note: Because this is not a bug/technical problem, thread is being moved to general discussion/questions. 

What I take from this useful thread is, reduce your online time so that others can attack you also and in return game is balanced. Good query and good replies. Thanks for the  Wisdom gained.