Trophies reward / punishment algorithm

I’m posting this mainly for the administrators and people that have the capability to fix the issues that I’m about to present as well as others who have experienced the same issue… So here’s the deal great folks at Flare Games, your trophies/reward system is HUGELY FLAWED!!! Here’s why, I have had numerous occasions where I have gone on raids, via the matchmaking system mind you, and generally I’m only offered 7 to 10 trophies as a reward for winning but if I lose to someone who even has elite boosted troops and I don’t have any boosted troops I lose an extremely unfair amount of trophies! Like just last night I lost ONE RAID because I wouldn’t spend the gems to revive  ( I need them for food for more raids!), and I lost like 67 trophies I’m not kidding! But I only stood to gain 7 for 100% victory! And this was after at least five straight victories. Why the huge punishment? Nobodies perfect one loss should not be so costly, nobody can win every game even Michael Jordan lost occasionally. I’m starting to think that you’re game is punishment driven and it’s frustrating as hell!!! I’m putting it nicely. And what’s worse as a result I get put in some bracket where none of the opponents via matchmaking have more than 200k so amassing enough gold to build and upgrade defensively etc. is made more difficult as a result of this huge flaw. Thank God Granny had gold! I’m not made of money I can’t buy gems all the time. So whoever can fix this issue or cares enough to do so PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX IT. I know you needed to come up with a system to alleviate the huge problem of trophy stripping to protect the hard working higher level players who have invested vastly more than I have in time, dedication, effort and talent and general contribution of many avenues than I have, but you still need to work a few things out because from what I’ve experienced the algorithm doesn’t take into account the elite boosts in a path defense and how they increase the difficulty in general especially for those with non boosted troops, the algorithm needs to recognize the differences in strength and abilities ranges and changes or additions to said abilities of troops, monsters, traps, towers barricades etc. As well as differences created offensively and allocate the amount of trophies one can win or lose accordingly with a truly correct assessment of difficulty with a system that takes all that of into account calculates it correctly and rewards or punishes properly it’s math, computers can do that they’re really smart and with your team of geniuses it can be done you just have to want to. Your game was fun at first but it’s becoming frustrating what’s the point of playing something and trying to advance and play well if you’re going to get boned harder than every adult entertainer that ever starred in an adult movie with Ron Jeremy, for trophies for one loss even if you die right at the castle gate with having destroyed all towers. Maybe losing double what could’ve been won in trophies but sixty something trophies and a drop in potential gold earning is absurd and punitive. How are you supposed to climb a ladder if the rungs keep breaking from under you. I’m not a bad player either I paid attention to the lessons taught on YouTube by the kind and talented geniuses Flothaboss, Pellez and Sn1kt I’m not the best but I’m not bad I win more than I lose. That’s my suggestion.

Thank you for your time

Sincerely Charles

Hey Charles,

Thank you for posting and getting in touch.

We understand the frustration about the lost trophies perfectly well, however as you have rightly pointed out it is a part of the system of fair “trophies distribution”. As a defender, having good defenses definitely pays off, so does leaving a solid amount of gold as a bait, and then you can just sit back and watch your trophies go up while the boosts are active. However, prior to any attack you are offered to view your opponent’s defenses and make an educated guess whether it is worth it, i.e. you can always see what  boosts your victim has. This is when you can wage the risk and potentially move on to an easier target. Having strong offensive boosts will allow you to consider attacking well defended players, however there is always plenty of fish in the sea, and picking an easier target is generally not a challenge. 

Please, let us know what are your thoughts. 


Keyword there being “guess”, not even particularly sophisticated. I can tell from a raid screen that the map has this type of tower/troop and/or that boost but that’s it. Not what level they are or where or anything that gives indication of how actually difficult the map is. And the trophy system is completely detached from players’ actual strength, and with how everyone plays it, I’m not sure what purpose it serves anymore. You may think of it as “fair” distribution but no one else does. Losing trophies for getting 100% is definetly not fair. Neither is gaining 60 trophies from a player 300 ranks BELOW YOU while getting 5-10 from a player above your rank.


As for saving up gems to buy food, that’s what vouchers are for. Unlike gems they come in wagons so they’re perfect for refilling your silo. Gems are far too valuable for that (unless you have too many and no use for them anymore)

I know right?! It’s absurd what a joke that guy should be a stand-up comedian. I’m offended that he thought I would accept that as an answer. And you can only see an enemy has boosted wherewolves, not if it’s the blessing wolf or raging wolf it only glows the same color so you can’t tell which just like the the elite boosted mummies right now you can’t tell if they’re boosted with ruthless pharoah or time warp mummies eithe. but I’m pretty sure that the rule of thumb or indicater with regard to troops is like towers the darker they are the stronger they are


The big trophy penalty is fair imo. You cant expect to go up up up. Then every one will also go up up up, coz we win most of the time, then everyone can manipulate their trophy as will.

If you want trophy, make a list of winnable targets that give lots of them, and avoid those bases you lose. Or ask friends to splatt on you… It is not a “get to the top over night” game, so be patient.

There’s a difference between patience and a fairer reward/punishment allocation calculation. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a penalty for a failed raid, I’m saying that a loss shouldn’t cost you more than an entire nights work and put you into a bracket with muted gold earnings potential it’s wrong, especially for the only one of the night, there’s only so much food to work with and farms only produce so much per hour and food cost only goes up with every upgrade it’s flawed in those ways otherwise no one will try stronger bases to learn about new towers and troops they’ve never faced that’s how you learn new tactics and develop new strategies by oops that didn’t work out it’s just a little lopsided is all I have patience I’ve been playing this game for months and sat through every upgrade just like everyone else and I play daily I love the game I’m just calling attention to details that should be adjusted. They’re not going to change it but now they are aware of it I’ve done my part. 

Ok. In the mean time, another tip: You can guess how strong your opponent is based on the medal (not trophy) he gives. In my trophy range above 300 is fairly powerful.

Otherwise the best advice is to strengthen your atk and def, that will increase your trophy overtime naturally w/o much fighting.

I am doing that now it turns out that everyone suffers from outrageous trophies loss in any bracket it’s just part of the game I’m just going to accept it and like you just advised I’m working on fixing my defense my attack is pretty good 2500+ and decent leadership so I’m fixing the other holes in my game. Thank you sir for the advice I’m taking it and being proactive.

The king damage is actually not important. Later in the game youll rely mostly on spells and troops to deal damage. So, for your “battle” gear setup (I am saying this because there are gold, luck, xp, war… gear setup too), try to find items that boost movement speed, scream, leadership/start moral, spell boost…

You only lose those higher amounts of trophies when using matchmaker.
Search for targets e.g. in alliance member lists or rankings, then you can
only lose up to about 15 trophies.

I have three gear setups one 70% gold and 67% XP boost so my hero grows with his gold since I spend most of my time raiding for it I figured why not do both at the same time. Then I have a 100% scream setup and the other one is a leadership setup the fourth one is a life drain setup for exploring the benefits or lack of benefits and what situations it works best in learning new things.


I have four setups. 

  • War season. I focused on leadership, scream, plus skull percentage. I only use one speed gear.
  • Combat gear, I have three speed perks in there, 100% scream and a little bit more leadership than war season.
  • Farm gear, mainly focused on farms, like the name says. Low leadership, but I use this to gain trophies plus to get rid of them.
  • Luck gear, it’s all about luck in there, combined with kaiser. Even lower leadership, but it’s fun to raid with. It works, since it gives you more rewards in cof, plus doubles the gold.

What is important is to raid players by not using matchmaker if you care for trophies. Also remember that raiding with other setups than full combat gear makes you weaker, so it’s a balance between winning gold and winning the raid. If you care for trophies, then take on opponents with stronger gear. Higher leadership gives more troops, it’s as simple as that. If you still have problem with certain defensive towers or troops, then go to work on that. for a long time, I had difficulties with cannons for example. reason was that my pyro was weak and frenzies did not have enough range. Weakness of cannons is fire and… Their range stays at 6. So by maxing pyro and extending their range, plus extending range of frenzies I slve that problem.

In the meanwhile avoid bases that holds stuff you are weak against. A long time I had problems with boosted bomb towers, a base which had many of them, was too much for me. Then I upgraded toxic cloud by forging slow down plus I learned to raid with wolf plus knights combo. Those bases no longer are a problem now. So you need to figure out why you fail on some bases and work on a solution. Until then, avoid those bases and raid other ones.

Hey archimedes , what u say about my problem . A 119 lv player attacked on me (my player lv 96)and got my base 100% then he is rewarded with 28 trophies . When i tried revenge him i just offered 0 trophies. How much fair is this. Even attacking on such powerful player if i just get only 0 trophies then you can think how much frustrating is this. How much fair is this mr. Archimedes . Waiting for your reply Archimedes.

Still waiting for the reply

Hey Archimedes where are you i am still waiting for your reply.will you reply , please say yes or no.

Yep good defense as in having 2-6 towers around the gate with full path and waves, definitely pays off well…time to completely ban tower placement around the gate square now Flaregames…

The kind of trap base is easy for me but it seems too many idiots dunno how to beat it…I mean who raid those base without sonic blast ?

Indeed. Or give us an option that time goes on when not everything in castle gate area is destroyed. 

Would’ve been quite easier if we had competent units (as in fire on those towers instead of going straight for the gate). Same goes for Kaiser - has to be half forced to attack towers along the path but as soon as he sees the gate he’s all “destroooiiii!!”.

I am a level 107 player, I got attacked by a level 115 player who failed at 34% but still gets 200k gold from this raid.

But I gain no trophies as this player is around 1200 trophies lower.

Yes, logic…



Firstly: I don’t really care about trophies. They seem mostly to be a waste of time: too many and life gets too difficult. Ironically, I use to spend some of my time LOSING TROPHIES on purpose. To be fair, earning more trophies is MORE annoying now, because MOST of the bases I attack offer 0 trophies… bases that offer trophies typically have poor gold offerings… so why would I attack them? Currently most of my trophy gain is during war seasons… not always (depends how high up the trophy ladder I’m hitting (which in turn depends on my alliances boosts vs the enemy alliances boost vs how tough the enemy bases actually are)). That said, I have encountered many players who stress out about their trophy collection… no idea why (unless you want to be at a particular level for the portal)… so (having discussed this with several players): I am aware that trophies can be are important (for reasons that still elude me).

Hi Archimedes.

You forget that the “view you opponent’s defenses” is more of an overview: it only shows where unlabelled non-hidden towers/obstacles are, and only shows a selection of troops/towers/obstacles (I assume the most common ones??). It DOES NOT show troops/tower/obstacles levels, and only shows the boosts for the troops/towers/obstacles it is showing… think of bases with only witches/monks and knights boosted: does it really show me knights are boosted even though there are no knights in the defenders waves? (makes a big difference!) A base might have lots of snake & firebolt towers… but if they’re only level 1, then base is easy.

The only real guide to a bases “toughness” is the number of trophies & medals offered… which isn’t always correct: especially now that once you attack too high up the trophy ranking (or too low) you get offered 0 trophies. As for medals offered… it’s not really accurate… I’ve fought players offering 0 trophies 34 medals (my usual medal offering) who have dropped several 1000 trophies and set their base up to “look” easy (2 side towers): but because their troop levels are far beyond mine, they are most certainly NOT easy (read: I can’t beat them)… (when they’re at their usual trophy level with all their defenses out, then they are worth heaps of medals… still 0 trophies).

Perhaps if you are going to report the number of trophies we stand to gain, it would make sense to report the number we stand to lose as well??? THAT WOULD BE NICE, since the number of trophies gained vs loss are NOT equivalent.

Ditto on this statement, plus: it is important to raid players by not using matchmaker if you care about gold as well.

Yep, it’s not fair. But it’s the same for all of us, so just go beat up someone weaker for trophies. Then they get to whinge about the exactly the same thing. Actually, revenge attacks should ALWAYS offer trophies. Why? Well losing trophies seems to stress out a lot of players: so they should have an opportunity to earn them back.