Trophies reward / punishment algorithm

Low lv player does not offer gold and high lv player whom i attack doesn’t give trophy.

The thing about matchmaker is that it gives everything BUT reliable predictions. To add to my first post, here’s some weird trophy math. I scroll through opponents in matchmaker and they give around 24 trophies and 30 medals. It’s a pretty low range so I find no beasts giving 100k medals or whatever, instead it usually provides opponents 100-300 ranks lower than myself. In any case, trophy/medal yield seems pretty stable so that indicator is useless. But here’s the tricky part. You lose a fight or two to drop a few trophies and suddenly the exact same range gives 40-50 trophies. Now, that would make sense if I had fallen from the higher ranks and because of the difference they now give more trophies, but they are ranked EVEN LOWER than before, so how is that possible? Also, I’m next to sure trophies given by raids are set randomly because there is no corelation the type of higher rank-more, lower rank-less. You get more trophies by losing trophies first but it makes no difference who you get them from. I’ve asked before under what logic lower ranks give more trophies than higher ranks. And the more I look at it, the more trophies seem detached from anything. They certainly won’t tell you how strong a base is, and neither will medals for that matter as they tend to be similar across tiers.

As for the potential trophy loss indicator, Pirates of Everseas has this thing that when you target an enemy fleet you are given the # of trophies you can win as well as the # of trophies you can lose. I don’t see why it couldn’t be implemented in RR2 as well.