Trophies & Upgrades


I have two questions.

I got the honor (LOL) to be attacked two times in a row by our merciless leader, M4RK QUEIJO.

The second time, he gained 3 trophies with 98%. Does it mean he missed 1 tower?

What does it mean when the upgrade is in white instead of green color, like the second worker upgrade below (Apollo Tower)?



The building upgrades are in green when you start them when Celestial Boosts are activated, so you have faster construction speed.

Building upgrades that are started when Celestial Boosts are not activated are in white as they upgrade at normal speed.

But when I miss 1 enemy tower, I get 2 trophies not 3.

My Celestial Boosts are  always activated, and I usually prolong them 1 week in advance. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I’m not sure then. ?

Maybe M4RK has a special bonus for being on top? Maybe you can ask FG here:

Good Luck!

I have had 98% with “full” trophies before. I think it happens when a Nyx is left behind if your troops can’t reach it, then it doesn’t count as a miss… It rarely happens, or it can be some random factor for that 1 trophy. You can test it on your base, corner Nyx I think are only hit by Hydra/Phoenix, so if you deselect those troops and don’t take it down with your hero, you should get 98%. The trophies you need to check on a base with just that.

The structure building bonus is a mystery… just a long shot: Did you buy a worker recently ?

I agree with Archimedes. I think you can miss one Nyx tower and get 3 trophies. I don’t believe you can skip any other tower and get 3 trophies. If you skip both Nyx towers you get 97% and 2 trophies.

and @Tomaxo, if you’re ever looking to get rid of some of those gems, you can send 'em my way!

It makes sense, thanks. However, sometimes my Phoenixes/Trebs/Cyclopes ignore (dumb AI) enemy Nyxes (I don’t know if it’s 1 Nyx or 2) and I got 2 trophies.

No, I bought my last worker back in November '18.

Haha, I keep them for now as I would need them later to do 10-Skull+ Odysseys (never tried) or/and when I’ll join an alliance.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mean 17 ? If 18,  Thats not so old. Do me a favour and check that worker doing that non-celestial bonus structure… next time he does an upgrade. I have a suspicion.

I started the game in 2018, there were 4 workers at that time, if I recall right.

I think the 5th was added in the summer… but my suspicion, is if the final one bought after, is not triggered with the ongoing celestial. Otherwise why wouldn’t the structure benefit a reduction of time?

psst… i have heard that “Germany Alpha” is a really cool alliance ? ^^

and btw: i find it kind of strange that nyx towers are treated in a different way to other towers w.r.t. trophy calculation… this means that any map with no nyx has a drawback … ? 

They might not be, I just often accidentally miss a nyx tower playing on AP, and it’s pretty tough to miss a different kind of tower. I’ll test it out though.

November 2018.

Atm, I only have 1 worker doing his upgrade, as I have a batch of uniques and lots of items to forge before my item slots are full again… But sure, yes, I’ll keep an eye on those lazy workers.  ^_^

There are lots of cool alliances. It’s hard to choose.  :slight_smile:

Exactly my thought. Why Nyxes are treated specially? Maybe we could ask the question in the QA Dev sessions as suggested by @HankQ.

They are special aren’t they? The logic is there in my opinion. Units may go past them, but not in any other case for unit/tower. So the system is not penalizing you. I don’t see a major problem here. But a question would be nice to know if thats intended ? 



I didn’t want to test it, but received the answer by … accident  :wink: . In a raid, my Herc rushed ahead of the troops. I destroyed the two Nyx, that’s sure because I wanted the troops to take care of the rest of the towers that I left behind. In the end, I destroyed the Apollo Gate, maybe a little bit too early, so I ended up with +3 trophies and 98%. 

So I think that any one tower you miss still gives you full trophies and 98%. I have missed 1 Nyx several times, but in that particular raid I was sure that the one missed was not a Nyx.

Well its possible that the trophy destribution allows for 3 points, if the actual points you would get based in trophy difference is 3,3 or 3,4 or 3,499. But thats too complicated sometimes to explain. I saw sometimes getting 12 or 13 or 14 instead of 15 when I dont beat the keeper and crush the gate…

Now if you get that in a situation were you have much more trophies than the defender, its out of the discussion. And its something like one tower left behind, but some circumstances apply… maybe if you get 50% more of the tower health (which is left)

But well done, now we know more.

You do get one less chest when you get 98%, so it’s not without consequence. 

True! And in wars it means you don’t get 100% … big consequences  :wink: .

Oh well … that’s why I leave Hercules at home, but it belongs to another discussion. He’s far from the “cheat code” that someone thinks he is ?.

I always take my hat off to people who can get me for 100%/no invos with herc. That’s the sign of a really well built Hercules. 

what’s your current rank in leadership board?

I can destroy any base with Hercules in a minutes and reach gate with more than 90 seconds that too of some big.

And I beat most of the top 100 players with Hercules for 100%.

He is literary an the most powerful hero in or now with recent tweaks that were done to frostbite.

You can take my words for it. Olympus rising is a on line game but unlike over watch where developers from time time Nerf charters to make game play challenging.

I hope to see such things in OR too.