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ok so I been pretty quite about this , but it’s just too much.

The game is beingrigged and it is annoying.  Look how u gain / lose triphies should be same for everyone no matter level,  rank, whatever… the fact that flare games is deciding how many trophies u should have and then adjust how u won lose trophies according to there value is nuts. 

yes people at higher level should have an avantage, but not a default advantage. Make it so higher levels are harder to defeat. Not just say here have more trophies for less work so it looks like game is balanced.

out of all updates this one is worst… it’s no longer a game it just a list of people that flargames picks the order for.  

If I have the skill to beat a lvl 90 and I am just level 60. then I should get just as much as him beating me.  but that should not happen if u balance game like it should be.

if iam level 90 and I beat a lvl 80 I should not get 10 times more trophies just cause the guy I was attacking is super active and has 2000 more trophies then me…

And for God sake… no one should have different default values for winning!.  nor should u get any trophies for almost winning! 

And this were better then u stuff in the top 10 alliances is a joke… I am more the sure anyone can take anyone’s base… I am lvl 65 and beat people in top 10 from all of the top 10 alliances. which is a shame… but shows me how screwed up the trophie system is. 

I can see where your coming from and it makes sense. I agree with most of it

however we have experienced most of these ideas on trophy system tweaks in past updates and it gets constantly changed because someone complains. I’m not saying you are as I have always liked your ideas and you approach them objectively.

if the amount of trophies earned and lost is the same for everyone then what’s stopping a person from just staying at lvl 30? They get the same amount of trophies as a level 100. We would be reverting back to an old system where there is no point in leveling up.

i agree 100% that a person should get zero trophies when failing an attack. A person should even lose trophies in my opinion

i do agree that the system needs some tweaking, but this is the first time higher levels have had the opportunity for leaderboards. 

It’s impossible to make everyone happy at this point. Most companies have their game systems set in stone and working before release, with maybe some very minor fixes every now and then. With those games you either are ok with the system or you don’t play.

This game is all over the place with updates and fixes, players have been to the top and then back to the bottom. They will argue that FG needs to revert the system back to when they were on top.

all in all Im ok with a system change but I know it will upset those players currently at the top. at this point I think FG needs to implement new content to make this game about more than just trophies. Many people have suggested great ideas

this post turned out a lot longer than I thought lol sorry


I actually don’t think the trophy system changed much in the most recent patch.

I think that high level players are dominating the top charts now because of celestial boosts. They benefit high level ascension players more than low level ascension players. For example, +10% ambrosia has a bigger impact on high resource islands that are unlocked by high level players. Since traveling cost do not scale according to ascension level, the higher level player who spreads his/her heroes out efficiently can attack way more times than a lower level player who spreads his/her heroes out efficiently. The same concept goes for Zeus and Hades who has a bigger impact on higher level players who parks them on high resource islands.

The race to the top, in the current meta, is basically a race to reach the highest ascension level + constant celestial boosts, with celestial boosts being the most significant factor of all. This is the true end goal for a competitive player. Skill and activity still matters, but much less so than pre-2.6.

That’s easy,  lets say your level 30 with 3000 trophies after awhile the people on your maps will be too strong for you. say everyone on your map is in there 50’s. Then lvl 30 has no choice but to level up cause he cant beat the higher levels. So he is stuck to either 1. level up or 2. just keep getting attacked by others.

Of course this will only work if what I stated above was true.  Being higher level means Stronger (by better towers, less attack timer, stronger units ect)  As of now a lvl 80 is not much stronger then a lvl 60 and that’s why it did not work before and lower level guys were in top 10.   Also match making would be done by trophies, So that lvl 30 might have all lvl 50S on his map if he never levels up.   And now you can see how all trophies could be counted as same and it forces people to level up.


What changed is Flare games made it easier for high level players to gain trophies .  They now get 5 - 6 until they reach the value that Flare games says they should be at. Thus Trophies are meaningless.  The leader board should just be Level board.   The Change is how they are now setting your limit different then everyone else.  before update limite was about 3000 then you would need to attack a lot to stay above that limit.  but now its only 3000 if your level 60  or 4000 if your 80  … so its no longer a fair trophy system.

Ahh I see, I wasn’t aware of that.

I gotcha

it makes sense if matchmaking is calculated by trophies alone. There would be some large level gaps at times though. 

There are some lower levels who are top ranked at the moment. I think like a lvl 50 is #1

so it is very possible to move up in rank with this update if your a lower level

keep it the same or change it, doesn’t matter to much to me. I just want new content with wars ?

yes large gaps at first as lower levels with high trophies would be matched with higher levels. forcing them to level up or lose trophies 


I belive this is what they wanted at start, but difference in levels was not good enough, as lvl 30s were beating lvl 60 easy

at first this system would be crazy and take a few weeks to level out. just cause it’s so messed up now. but as time went on people would be matched vs people close to there ability.   and once u started winning alot u would have to level up or be destroyed by the new group ur facing


and yes war!!!

Trophy reward can be calculated by level and trophy count.

Check this formula and play with it at any lvl and trophy amount: