In 5 hours I’ve lost almost 150 trophies, I find it kind of ridiculious, just had four atacks on my islands. Someone still having the same trouble? Can anybody explain me this? moderators in here keep sayin’ they are “fixing this” since forever… :confused:

Hi Dafca,

As you can lose at most 25 trophies per battle, it is more likely you got attacked more than 4 times.

It is not because some of your islands are conquered by enemies that it means those people attacked you.

Similarly, if 4 heroes are sent back to Mount Olympus, it means you have been defeated more than 4 times as well, as it requires multiple victories against your defense for a Hero to be sent back to Mount Olympus.

Also if players with a similar or higher Ascension level than you but with less trophies attack you, they are more likely to be able to take more trophies from you as they are under the trophies range for their level.

Or you the same player passed) several times (not to the end. For example, 4 × 20 trophies it 80 trophies in 10 minutes by one opponent. The developers have promised that will fix it, but in fact they are simply limited the number of possible attacks (now 4 or 5 of their maximum).