I am currently the target of 5-6 players who raid me nonstop.  Between these players I am getting hit 60+ times a day. This has been going on for 1-2 months.   I understand this is part of the game.  While frustrating, I have basically just ignored it.  They get virtually no gold from attacking me as I keep none available without a shield.  Even if I have a gold shield on, the attacks continue, so I know the attacks are not for raiding gold.  That leads me to trophies and medals.  Medals I cannot see how many they get, but trophies I can.  I just can’t make sense of how the system works.  I recognize that the amount of trophies they earn has gone down with more raids, but attacks continue.  Not sure why, but they do.  Again, I am living with it.  I am a level 109 king.  One of my attackers is level 119.  He attacks me and takes my trophies.  When I go to attack back, it shows that I will get 0 trophies from him.  How is this fair?  Someone 10 levels higher gets to pick on me and steal my trophies, but I have no recourse to try and get them back?  Can someone please explain this to me?  How and why does this make sense?  Also, can anyone explain what these people might be gaining from the constant attacks?  They are not getting gold and anymore not even getting many trophies.  What is the motive?

Any insight is appreciated.

maybe your base is too easy, but give much XP?

If you set the goal to raise the levels, then you need to take the perks of experience, and (manually!) pick up those bases that are 100% beatable, but give the maximum XP

smth like waves of boosted mummys, kill mummy, get XP, kill knights, more XP


One more thing - if enemy has NO boosts, the same towers/obstacles/units of the same level give you the same amount of XP! compared to boosted ones

So, if you find a player with maximized towers/waves, with no boosts - you can easily get as much XP as from same (top) base with full boosts

Maybe your alliance has no boosts? (or just a few)