I dont care a lot about trophies but that is so unfair.

I am lv126 in alliance lv60 and around 4300 trophies.

He is lv124 in aliance lv80 and around 4400 trophies.

Flare how is that possible to take 57 trophies from 1 fight!!!

He must’ve hit you through matchmaker. Occasionally you’ll see a 50 trophy base, sometimes even 60. The reason for this being that the game is telling you that the base is very high level compared to anyone else at the trophy range is. However, you would only have lost 10 trophies had he attacked through search or favorites. Anyway, it’s usually it’s impossible to beat those bases that have 50 trophies for a win, but it looks like he got the job done

Normal with the new system now since 3.8.0 if by example I have 1720 and find a level 95 like I found this morning with 57 trophy because his base was maybe 10 times more hard than the others. So yeah its not impossible for someone to find opponent at 50,60 or 70.

that its the first one. After the battle drop at 12. So after 3 battles the maximum is around 70-90