can someone explain For what are needed trophies? Please.

Trophies are one of those indicators that tell you how much strong is your defense. Never take Trophies aren’t the perfect value because a high lvl player (for example 6000 trophies) can easily decrease his trophies to 2000 through opening his base, and in this case you may think the base is easy because has lowered trophies but then when you test it obviously it isn’t.

You should take as reference (for the other indicators) also the hero level so you make a better idea and also as main point the base itself.

So trophies can deceive you sometimes but most of time they represent the effective strength of the base. Also if you increase enough your trophies and of consequence also your rank position you can get access to a medal boost that allows you to increase your medals after a battle (working only through matchmaking = means through the usual icon of crossed swords):

1000 position in leaderboard 5%

500 position in leaderboard 10%

100 position in leaderboard 25%

10 position in leaderboard 50%


Tanks oPelle.

So while I’m not a player from top 1000
I do not pay my attention to the trophies at all.


If u are part of an alliance then the alliance gets a better gold % boost based on the total thropy count of its members 

you can be top 1000 even without being in an alliance but nowadays sounds impossible because elite and war boost patrol the bases of each player, especially in fact in top 1000 and over, so alliance helps you to grow up with trophies and also on the global leaderboard.