Trophy 1300+ - highly active - looking for alliance

Hi all,

Looking for an active progressing alliance on a serious, yet fun level.

Donating actively, and always up for some good banter.

Looking forward to hear from you!


You will find Canada 1867 a nice place to stay - we have 20+ members and more are coming, there is still place for you! :slight_smile:



Question: love war? Willing to fight 10/10 and super active. Also want a fast grow ally with nice friendly member. Then join Rising WarriorZ lvl24( we are same member with rising warriors lvl54). I make this ally 5 day ago. Right now our max donate it 5.5m per day

Our 24/7 boost for now knight + archer 




AngelsxoOfxDeath would love to have you. Come and join our alliance


Hi Laleoe, check out New Zealand. We’re a fun, active alliance who donate freely.