trophy bug

HI Flaregames support… I have faced a situation which I can not understand.

Player  -Turk_Muhendis (5722 trophy …defense strength is showing 1248 medals atm )        

attacking player Misi. (4741 trophy and defense strength only 234 medals).

So diffrence bettwenn those 2 players is almost 1000 trophys… So for every attack none of the trophys should be taken… So how u can explain situation below???

When  -Turk is attacking Misi. he get for every attack 3 trophys  and when Misi. attack back he do not get any trophy …How it is possible ??

Be aware that also Defence strenght is over 1k for player -Turk.

Please answer asap… thanks in Advance



This has been added in a while ago now, you cannot take trophies from players with more than ~700 above yours.
its not a bug, working as expected to stop trophy stripping.

Yes … I have heard about it… But I thought it is in both direction


Unfortunately it only works in one direction. Higher players (700+ trophies more than you) can strip you, but you can’t strip player 700+ trophies more than you. 

Ahh . OK . pretty strange… High rank player can abuse u and u can not do nothing to kick him back

Thanks for answers @Dena4 @Fourofjacks

You are welcome.

On the other side, only for ninja event those trophies are important (at least from my point of view). So I wouldn’t pay too much attention on those lost trophies. 

well, if you can attack 1000+ chances are you can move higher without too much trouble. so you can ask your friend to increase their trophy, then you can strip their trophies if you really want. with 700 more trophy you will take more than they will take from you.

but you’d just be doing that ‘for fun’ theres no real value having higher trophy - apart from getting to the ninja tier you want and showing off.

That’s how it should be. It’s not unfortunate at all.

If you think about it, this is an anti-camping mechanism. What’s unfortunate is that there aren’t more of them.

No it’s not how it should be! It’s extremely unfair to lose 5 trophies and then get none for taking revenge (I am referring to what happened to me a few months ago). Makes no sense whatsoever

If you’re strong enough to beat someone who’s 700+ trophies above you, it means you’re camping and you should just go up in trophies if you want to get your “revenge”.

So yes, it’s fair.


I’ve had to deal with this 700 trophies rule since it was introduced, because I purposedly drop trophies all the time, so I know first hand how fair it is.

Want to get your “revenge”? Get your trophies up and do it.

Who said I was strong enough to beat the player? I sure didn’t. I just go to the revenge matchup and see that it is 0 trophies. No, I’m not camping. Yes, it is unfair