Trophy issues

I am confused about how the trophy awarding happens.  Im at level 68, my hero hall 7, waiting on more wisdom to build, all other buildings are at max for level, towers and walls are almost max.  I just released Cadmus a few days ago, he is now level 8.

Since releasing Cadmus, it seems trophies system has taken a turn for the worst.  When Cadmus loses a battle it cost 25+ trophies, but if he wins it is only 3!  So for every lost, it takes 8+ wins to regain losses.  Since there are very few opponents at this level for a new hero to fight and with such consequences for losing, makes it so I don’t want to use new heroes.

Next issue with trophies is on monster islands.  I have spent 3 weeks trying to defeat my first Hydra island.  At first I thought Hercules wasn’t strong enough Level 16 (now 18).  Well yesterday I finally defeated my first island and was amazed that I was awarded ONLY 3 trophies.  On the cyclop islands I know it was 20+ trophies.  Is this correct?

Thanks for reading!


A lot of people having same issue with new heroes. It’s hard to level them up sometimes. Just use them against unblessed or easy bases and let your troops do the work to level them up

it will take a while to explain the +3 gain and -25 loss but that seems normal even though the 25 is on the high side

the hydra islands only rewarding 3 trophies sounds like a bug to me as you should get more. Dunno though it’s been a long time since I’ve done any monster islands. Hopefully a dev/mod can comment


Can you please let us know your in-game name?

Regarding the amount of trophies you can earn, it is not related to which Hero you use. It is indeed more complicated to level up Heroes you freshly unlocked once you reached a higher Ascension level/higher amount of trophies.

Your Ascension level is taken in consideration in the amount of trophies you can earn, as well as your current amount of trophies.

You will always earn a minimum of 3 trophies, whoever your opponent is. 


The Monster islands have their own trophy value. If you have more trophies than the trophy value of these islands, you will indeed earn less trophies by beating an island.

I’d assume when you defeated the Cyclops islands, you were below the trophy amount of these islands, and maybe at a lower level compared to the islands. Accordingly, you could get more trophies.

To level up a new hero, I just wander around on the islands that are close to my Olympus. They are usually easy and boring bases while still letting your hero making progress very fast.

Don’t bother reaching distant islands, since your hero is low level, it will very often be sent back to Olympus anyway.

That’s my answer for the new hero thing. But as that was said, the hero is unrelated to trophies gain or loss. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!

Hi Alysea, my in game user name is Slicer_59.

Am I understand correctly, depending on your level you are limited on the amount of trophies you can obtain.

I am heartily sick of how your trophy system works - and very sick of the mealy mouthed excuses for it offered by the moderator in this thread.  I constantly lose HUGE amounts of trophies when off line- (over 50 last time in half an hour and I lost just 3 islands - all to players MANY levels higher than me.  Yes, I KNOW it doesn’t just work on levels and on relative strength but are you seriously going to look me in the eye and tell me that someone more than 10 levels more than me is weaker than I am??

And it NEVER works the other way - I just beat some one who was FOURTEEN levels higher than me (took a few invocations) and all I got was a lousy three trophies.

Instead of constantly making excuses on this thread do these things or I am out of here and forget the regular gems I buy - because the game has lost all interest for me lately because of this problem

  1. Make the system on which trophies work transparent - not vague as it currently is

  2. Enable us top see who we lost to and how

  3. Make it fairer

  4. Get the system checked and make an ironclad commitment to all players that has been checked and fixed.


Otherwise  goodbye

Oh great just checked in and another 30 gone - and no record of how or why - and how many additional islands lost?  Just one - Your system is seriously broken

just wondering, what level are u and how many trophies u got?

Currently L74 and 3895 trophies but was up to 4012 - each climb is very hard won - and I don;t mind losing a few - but not like this - and it’s become MUCH worse lately.

I’m here to enjoy a game - not be frustrated by it - and I have noticed reading the posts that I am FAR from the only person with these concerns.

But thx for asking Crabz

Hmm , just lost another 3 trophies but no islands lost?? this seems totally random and arbitray

I ask cause every lvl has what seems like a limit,  iam at lvl 83 and any time I go over 5500 trophies I lost a ton so I just try to stay around 5400.

for 74 , 3900 sounds about right,  just grind enough trophies to stay around there. and keep leveling up once u reach 75, try to add another 100 or 200 and see how it effects u.