Trophy loss vs Trophy gain.

There was another topic with the same question and I don’t remember who, but there was an interesting answer…try to find with the search field…


Maybe something like “you win 10 because you choose who raid and loose 50 because the opposite cannot choose the aggressor”…but I deeply agree with you and I wrote to Flare at the end of September about this…too much enormous this gap…


I am going by match making mainly not cherry picking. Even in match making, I am paying to get a different base so why penalize me so hard. May be back then since you were not a mod, they didnt take you seriously. Try again now. Like JONA said on other thread, mods are doign a great job and forward to flare when they find an issue so that he doesnt have to check them all. Go ahead and forward this to him again.

I brought that up before but most of the top Players didn’t find it strange (As the Quote of Bolz outlines this). I think since the last patch this has been reduced on Favorite list opponents but still the 50+ range for matchmaking as far as I know.

If u fight with lower trophies u will loss too much trophies,but if fight with higher trophies u will loss only lower trophies… So play with higher trophies

Trophy dumping is getting annoying. I know its in the game but hopefully It will disappear soon.


I’m ~ 3400 trophies level. There are so many players 3000-3500 that have dropped down. Using the auto matching battle function most players I get matched would give me 20+ trophies if I beat them and many 30+ which i’m not stupid enough to waste my food in doing so.


They are also attacking all the players I would, so there is less gold about at this level which is annoying.


They are attacking me and losing on purpose which pushes me up 30-40 trophies each time which I don’t want as my king is not strong enough to be any higher.


We need a new algorithm which adds up the kings stats and spells and troops and gives that a score… then it matches that to a score given to the defence ie sum of the towers and troops where each are given a score or value rather than matching against a trophy leader board value. Then people who have a great king score and do badly against a low defence score wont loose any trophies because its clear they lost on purpose. so they cant drop trophies they just wasted their food.


Likewise on auto matched battles it wont put me up against someone whos dumped down giving (20-30+) trophies if I attack them. It will always match me to <10 trophy opponents and fairer match.

The trophies algorithm could be better. I have three different platforms with each one at different levels. My windows 8.1 with an Alliance seems to be loosing the most trophies. The imbalance is when playing someone within my range. When winning I get 7 medals . My issue is when my army is matched up against a player within my range and is a split second from completing a raid (leaving one tower at the gate entrance) and loosing anywhere from 1-17 trophies.

Since I am a newbie at tower defense games you guys know much more than I do. I love RR2 and hope that the trophy disparities can be tightened up in the future.

I had a brand new record the other day was able to dump 62 trophys for 1 raid, usually I can only dump 15 per raid. I would like to know what determined this impressive loss.

You used matchmaking, you can lose the full amount if you matchmake and lose.

Isn’t that a bit illogical?

I mean, when fighting a random opponent, you have less knowledge about the base than when fighting one of your favorites.

So when you lose against favorites, you actually did a lot worse than when you lose against some random unknown player, and thus should also lose more trophies.


Please, correct me, if I’m wrong!


You are abosolutely correct. That is my argument too if what drum said is valid.

But it stops you dumping large amounts of trophies on a known opponents, so it stops strip and dump being so prolific.

Hmm… that seems to make sense.

Just a bit sad that anti-trophy-juggling-measure-logic screws up regular-raiding-logic… :slightly_frowning_face:

It doesnt make sense that with 74% (1 hit or 1sec away from 100%) you still lose trophies.Shouldnt it be like 50% 0 trophies. below it you loose and above it you win based on the original offered trophies.

It’s not that easy, actually… with 74% I gain trophies every now and then.


Two examples:

  1. You attack a newly-created lvl 1 account. That one offers 0-1 trophies for 100%. For 50% you’ll probably lose “a lot”, and even with 98% (only 1 tower left) you will still lose 1 or 2 trophies.

  2. That account attacks you back. You probably offer him 20 trophies or more (don’t know the exact stats there), and even with a 33% raid, he will probably still gain some trophies.


So the point where you get exactly ±0 trophies varies, depending on the relative strength and trophy count of you and your opponent.

I guess the trophy gain/lose might be directly proportional to your % in the attack: 0% -> min win (max. loss), 100% -> max win, XY% -> [min win + XY% * (max win - min win)]. If then, min win is highly negative and max win barely positive, the percentage needed for a positive trophy change is quite high (possibly over 75%).

It is discouraging to invest time, money and energy into RR2 and not really go anywhere due to the disparities with trophies.

It doesnt make sense that with 74% (1 hit or 1sec away from 100%) you still lose trophies.Shouldnt it be like 50% 0 trophies. below it you loose and above it you win based on the original offered trophies.

Froster, I totaly agree with you!

I totally agree with you. after the alliances we need more trophies so each time we lose it’s a bug loss for the alliance and having a chance of getting kicked

Though I guess that’s a two-sided blade: When you gain trophies more easily in your attacks, that also means you lose trophies more easily when you get attacked. And you have not so much influence in how often you get raided or by whom, while you have a lot of freedom for deciding whom to attack.

I actually like that I can get higher in ranks by building a clever defense. If a 50% is just enough to steal trophies from me even for a potentially stronger attacker, then how am I suppost to even hold my rank?

^^^This. Go big or go home. The trophy loss is a killer, I lost 100trophy yesterday from testing out new bases to feed on in my favorite list. But when the same thing happens to someone else who attacks your base, bliss

Btw during last night I gained about 60 trophies and a few gems just by defending well against some attackers - 59 trophies gained by 4 raids on my base (one of them got 100%, others about 20-50%), that’s a motivation for setting up an effective base, I’d say!


One more argument for not increasing/easing trophy gain by attacking is that, especially by free food videos, some players might just perform hundreds of raids per day… if every attack (unless failing completely like 20%) almost grantedly gives you +trophies, then nobody could compete at all without free food videos or spending hundreds of gems just for silo refills each day. Also, not everyone has enough time to be online for several hours each day to perform a lot of attacks.


With a more offensive-favoring trophy gain distribution, clever base building wouldn’t be rewarding at all. The way it is balanced currently, clever base building gets rewarded. And after all, everyone has 1 base and can do his best to make sure he has an effective layout (good layout but weaker towers can be a lot more effective than bad layout with stronger towers!) at least, so everyone can get his defenses right, no matter how many food is available to him.

That makes sure skill (picking the right opponents for one’s own attacks, getting gate down on raids, setting up clever defense) is rewarded, too, and not just pure quantity (number of attacks performed) of one’s actions.


And I say this after epic-failing two attacks today, each giving me about -40 trophies, quite effectively cancelling out all trophy gains of my other raids lol… so it can feel quite harsh sometimes, but again, if I can use my defense to hold/increase my rank, I don’t mind a relatively restrictive trophy gaining system for attacking. Also, I could just use some gems to resurrect if I just wanted not to lose a particular raid, but I can’t just buy a better defense for one attack on my base, and I also could have decided not to attack exactly that hard-looking base but just go for an easier one.