Trophy loss

So basically. I constantly upgrade my defences. I keep blessings for my alliance maxed out and i continue losing trophies. I have not lost a single island but yet i am still hemmorhaging trophies.  This system is incredibly flawed and considering how much money myself and other players have dumped into this game the least the development team could do is figure out an actual system for offence and defence instead of this give and take system that has no rhyme or reason to how and when you gain or lose trophies. Figure your shit out flaregames…



its very frustrating, losing trophies and dont know where they go, no islands loss and heroes still on same islands. still it drops down for no reason!! 

and another issue im lvl 65, why do i only get high lvl 70+ and 80+ in my map!! how do i supposed earn trophies if i cant attack lower lvl or same lvl in map? why can lvl 70+ and 80+ attack lower lvls a bit unfair match!

My understanding is that when you lose a battle, you lose trophies.  At that point, there is a % chance that your heroes stay or go home.  Higher level heroes have a better chance to stay.  So, I’d guess that you are losing battles but going through an incredible streak of luck keeping your heroes in place. 


Have the same mystical problem. Just went online and collected +70 trophies and my total was 2550+. Decided to improve more my trophie count and fought 2 battles ( both won+9 trophiea total) ,so my total had to be still 2550+,but after last battle my trophies went down to 2497 and i didnt lost a thing. How thats possible? And there were no info that i lost trophies (and 50+ lost trophies in 2min is still impossible imo,i dont have so weak def).

Make some FIGHT HYSTORY tab,so we could see all win and loses.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello there :slight_smile:

Mystique, regarding your issue, it is more likely because you have been attacked by another player while you were fighting, and this player defeated your base.

You have to reconnect to the game to see the amount of trophies you lost. You will be able to see them on the Tribute screen as soon as you reconnect :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that the Tributes screen shows only Trophies which are win or lost when being attacked by other players. Trophies gained by attacking opponents on their islands are not shown on the Tributes screen.

You need to do an update immidiately and adjust the matchmaking issue and address the issue with your trophy system. I will not spend another dime on this game if you do not fix the issues EVERYONE is complaining about! And i will be encouraging others to withhold spending untill you fix these problems. 

Thanks for reply Aether :slight_smile:

The trophie change details while online and playing requires relogging game (at least on ios) to see, which really should be improved.

I also support/agree a history is needed as a high priority which would also solve this.

Other few issues with trophy system are unbalanced loss amount compared to win amount and what happens when you lose connection during a battle.

The promised trophy amount if you beat an opponent is ridiculously lower than the trophy amount you lose when you can’t beat your opponent. As in, let’s say a victory potentially brings you 7 trophies. You start battling and can’t achieve victory you get raid. Then you lose let’s say for the sake of an example 16 trophies.


Worst is losing connection during a well going battle. You log back in just to find you lost 50+ trophies. Hey Flaregames, fix this or we are out of this game.


Please note a server update happened today with a rebalancing of the trophy system :slight_smile:

Give it a try and let us know how it feels now!


Can you please provide the formula of calculation?



Well Aether, I think you totally ruined the trophy system. You guys are punishing the high ascencion players like me. We are the ones who payed you good amount of money and this is how you thank back. How fair is the trophy system now that you nerfed our defense towers and hand out more trophies to lower ascencion players that beat us? When I take my island back from the guy that beat me i only get a tiny fraction of trophy rewards. Once a game creates the feeling of unfairness among their players, that game is done. Do not walk on the same path as Machine Zone and don’t be a Game of War!!!

In the last 20h I dropped from 2855 trophys to 2559. Ok i did only about 10 fights, cause my workers are busy.

A single fight costs about 120 ambrosia and gives about 8 trophys. To compensate the trophy loss i need 55 fights in 24h, means 6600 ambrosia and at least 3h  fighting.

Well not the worst full-time job.

Greetings Sazztam 

p.s i appreciate the blessing nerfs, thats a step in the right way

You have destroyed this game. Reset back to before the new update and restore my trophy count to what it was. I am done paying for your fuck ups 

I’ve dropped 600 trophies over the weekend but only lost a very small number of Islands. I couldn’t work out why but now realise that due to the defence nerds, changes to DC rules and change to the trophies for both winning and losing, someone with a much lower rating than mine can attack me, use invocations to one shot towers and troops,. Then when they get to my gate they can quit out gaining trophies without taking my islands. Others in my alliance have also lost hundreds of trophies and most are leaning towards quitting. Please FIX THE ISSUES. 

So there seems to be a glitch where if you get to an enemy gate but lost by letting their troops get to your gate you don’t get the island but still get trophies.   In one instance I got 41 for losing but only 10 trophies when I took the island.

Hello there,

Today server updateshould help regarding the trophy losses.

Let us know if you still encounter issues :slight_smile:

You know that right now for defeating any player is given only 1 trophy? Even if it is higher, and the ascension to the active blessings

Hello MrSinner,

Are you sure you fought against a player, and not on a Monster island?

If it is on a Monster island, there is currently a bug which is known and worked on…