Trophy points system

Hi guys I know this issue as been address many times before I have been playing under 2 accounts I remember in the time of Pouria were we could lose 200 to 300 trophys a day was 25 trophys in those days my suggestion would  be no matter how strong you are the game would permit only a maximum of 15 trophys lost on only 1 hit per day and the rest of the day only 3 trophys in regular play day until the next day same scenario I think we work hard to build and break our heads to built strong defenses that’s really hurts when you get challenged and beaten 3 to 4 times in row losing again 45 to 60 points when most of the time you only have opposition with only 3 trophys to win each this part as to be thought over i know this game is about making money I have nothing wrong with that every one as to do a living but it would be nice to look at this issue properly cause I may only be a voice but many silent voices think also like me good day to all.

Same here bro,I still find trophy system strange and weird.

It just based on the difference in trophy points in two player and not based on ascension level,fame points,how many divine blessings ,war blessings active or invocations used during raid or how many structure left during raids.

Opponents simply get trophies just because they have lower trophy count than yours.