Trophy protection? Or just allow us to choose our ninja tier

It seems unfair to many players that Ninja event starts at a specific time, which, to some, could be late midnight when he or she is asleep already. When this happens, his or her trophies may get stripped off, resulting in participation of a lower tier than what was intended.


Can there be a trophy protection system similar to that of gold protection? like maybe 8 hours, so once a person reaches the necessary amount of trophies, he or she can just cast protection and go to sleep.


Alternatively, just let us choose our ninja tier…

I agree but I think gold protection shield should also protect your trophies from being stripped.

Now when you put a 24 hour gold shield on you and you reach your desired amount of trophies, some other people can screw you over by farming your trophies away while you are, for example, at work or asleep.

Very true, but still, it’s unfair that you have to use gems to get in the league you want (unless you are safely in the next tier)

There is another mechanism active, preventing/punishing trophy dumpers. Let me explain what I mean.

After last ninja event, I opened my base for half a day to give members (plus others) the opportunity to get gold. I closed my base around 1950 trophies. During war season, I deliberately kept my trophies low, with exception of the last two days. In version 3.8 I started to raise my trophies and they went up pretty fast, between 40-55 trophies per raid and I stopped around 2900 trophies. Then I upgraded version to release 3.9.

What a difference, I really struggled to raise my trophies up to 3500. This morning an even harder struggle to get it above 3600. I agree that trophy dumpers (like me :grinning: ) should have a hard time to regain trophies, but this difference of working hard to gain 10-15 trophies per raid is a little bit too much. Match maker suddenly started to give players having boosts that only teams 56+ can have, including all pro boosts. With farm gear it’s not easy to beat those players, so some I skipped. 

I did want to try to raise my trophies up to 4k, but this time there was no way I could have accomplished it. Next time I better don’t dump that many trophies  :wink: .

This is something I miss in the list of changes. 


Would assume that is why there is a set number trophy range in tiers. Bad idea to protect trophies,  trophies are protected to a degree already. Get zero trophies if

you are not within 700 trophies or so of the combatant. Even if u drop tier you should be able to get 1st max pearls and only give up 750 per tier.


I wouldn’t say that I use gems to get in the league since I have to earn the trophies myself. The only difference is, if Ninja event starts at a time that is inconvenient to me purely due to the difference in timezone, then it would be unfair to me.



The 700 trophies policy is mostly a measure against hackers. It doesn’t do anything to address the timezone issue. Those with better timezones can climb their trophies before ninja event and those with timezones that make it inconvenient, well… just tough luck now.



Maybe they should just allow the player to choose whatever tier they want to be in as long as they have at least reached the amount of trophies before, even though the trophies got stripped away before the event. This would be fairer to players of different time zones, at the same time, the player has to “earn” his right to get into the tier too.

Kind of brilliant idea.  That’s ultimately what we are doing plus a lot of headache!