Trophy stealing bug

Hello Flare

Olympus Rising has a bug. Yup I saw my trophies drop by 150 in 6 hours. It surely cannot be the Chinese guild attacking everyone yeah?

Please either explain me (within logic) why I lost 150 trophies in 6 hours or fix this bug. Otherwise I will happily join the boycott that is about to kick off.

By the way my words are not to the developers. My words are directly addressing Flare’s greedy boss.

Herr Boss, your gamer community is not stupid. Flare can’t arbitrarily adjust trophy amounts. 6 hours ago I had 5515 trophies and i have been adjusted to 5300 something. This is happening to lots of players.

I will not spend a single cent to raise my trophy tally. I will not spend a single cent that will go to Herr Boss pocket. Unfortunately your brilliant developers will suffer but i guess it’s time they start looking for jobs with other gaming companies.

This trend of milking the customers in mobile gaming industry is a filth.



The speed of a formal response to this latest screw up is underwhelming.

Answered this one in another topic.

We will let you know when we get more info on this.

Thanks Alysea ???

oops that ? man got in there by accident ???

Hello, I just wanted to report that my account has this same problem. I was playing just now and before I went to battle I had exactly 3979 trophies and after the battle it was back to 3957 which was the number I had before I started to play for today, and sadly this is not the first time it happens. Since last week I’ve seen my score returning to the one I had when I started to play for the day. First I thought it was normal, because I had always losed like 30 or more trophies a day, but now I’m positive that this is something else. I’ve been trying to get to 4000 trophies but when I’m at 3999, I go to battle and right after that the scores drops.

I can undestand that while I’m playing, someone else might be too against me and the times that had happened I got my notice of -3 trophies but when these massive loss happens there isn’t even a notification which makes me think this may be more of a technical problem. I dont think you guys are doing it on purpose but please note that this might just make the game suck. I really enjoy playing it, but the trophies should be the reflection of our progress and when something like this happens its like theres no reason to keep playing, upgrading defense or your buildings or even caring about playing regularly. 

Please if you could take a look at that because is really wearing me down not to be able to “keep rising”. 

Hello.I have the same issue with trophies.Everyone here is loosing daily too many trophies.First time i have seen this in a game.When you are gonna fix it?What is the problem?You release the game 4-5 months now and until now you didnt fix this importan bug.How you calculate them?This is very strange.Many players they stoped the game because of that.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???Until i write to the forum i lost 56 trophies in less than 5 minutes.And 1 hour ago another 35 trophies. ???

What the duck is this…  I never  lost any war…  And when I again start the game…  I looks my trophies reduces…  In two days I lost 400 trophies…  Without any loss of war…  It’s continue happen with…  Fix this this problem… 


@vasudeva1 you should read these comments.Trophy problem is still same even after two years.I mean you , I , @Neptune almost every active players is plagued by this same problem.

I don’t think so this trophy frustration can be solved by developers.

Nowdays I am losing 15 trophies to level +125 ascenion level players.

hi @HOLYDIVINE, the problem was created by the developers when they have set limits of trophies for every lvl, to solve it is enough to remove those limits, it is a job that is done in a very short time. They do not want to understand that with this system of limits it makes no sense to attack because you lose a lot of trophies and players start not to attack, not to connect and abandon the game, especially now that the game does not offer any other stimulus, the wars have become a job for the weekends with insignificant rewards for most players and fantastic rewards for very few players. The game has become boring, stressful and not rewarding and a person when he wants to play does not work stress but wants relaxation and fulfillment (for stress there is everyday work). I hope that the developers understand this and stop with these idiotic updates that bring many players every day to abandon, I hope @CaptainMorgan understand the spirit of my criticism and evaluate the requests that I have always done that serve not to abandon the game and I hope he does it before there are only 50 players left playing Olympus Rising

Buildt defense and you will not lose so much trophies, it is so easy to understand

Maybe you don’t know how game works.

Every time I upgrade my heroes temple first thing I do upgrade all defense structures to max.

Also I change my defense layout and units in guardhouse to surprise the attackers.

But can somebody explain why some bases are attacked 60-70 times a day while some bases are not touched for days.

Way back in December I have recorded more than 150 attacks in less than 24 hours. 

I just took this scrrenshot just now.My defenses are not bad.In fact last week alone I made around 300 gems from defense only.

After a certain point in the game, offense completely passes by defense. Hopefully things will be corrected somewhat next week after war blessings are granted.

May be you do not know the rules but it work so, if you start to lost much trophes just make few levels of towers then you stop lost trophes till you make some more trophes, after this system put you to another level of trophes and you again start lost them till you make some new towers levels. Try this and you will see it. I start analyse it after one day i lost 370 trophes.

You didn’t read what I said.

You are correct for the early part of the game.

After a certain point, offense is much stronger than defense. Your buildings and towers are all max level. There’s nothing else you can do. Your defense still doesn’t stop anyone. Get it?

I have all the defenses to the maximum, inform and grow a bit of lvl before coming here to do the phenomenon and give lessons. The problem are the constraints that are put, in this case if you do not have the lvl 131 the system does not make you go beyond 18K taking away even 600-700 trophies in a day with attacks every 2 minutes for several hours as it has happened to various players and with a very unfortunate consequence of finding all of them heroes on Olympus

Something has changed, because it’s easier to stay over 20K trophies now. 

You problem that you try to find mistakes in bugs but better look your defense.

what level are you?