Trophy Stripping

you’ll get used to it  ^_^__ 

Bug this time that you return to.


 he is taking about wX2X1X and aXnX2X, u can fill in the blank with X

Just to update you guys on the current situation: We have evaluated potential fixes and will implement some changes next week. We will see, how this will affect the game and if the situation is changed to the better.





Thanks Jona, bugger only got a few days to get back up now :grinning:

Balance changes are always welcome.

As you level up higher in the leaderboards the cost of upgrades are too costly to just go out and raid because then you would have to spend gems on protection till you have enough and that too is costly. Most players higher up now rely on purely gems to purchase gold to up upgrade their defenses with raiding just as a supplement to that.  


I also agree with Sn1kt, that trophy rewarding should be based upon the level of the king.

After todays update it may no changes in this problem. one hour ago in one attack over 50 trophys gone. i don’t like a…2. and w.2…4 any more :grinning:

Why don’t all of you just trophy strip each other, This way it’s fair. It doesn’t look like anything is going to happen soon that can solve this. Create your own little mini game with each other. Lets face it none of you top 10 are going to beat master E anyway but if you joined forces you could pull him down. You know you want too.

You speak about fairness and the next thing you suggest is an informal alliance of all other top10 players against MasterE to strip trophies from him? :wink:

Also, as mischreiber mentioned, those who are stripping have a much lower trophy count, meaning they can’t just be stripped back.

There are 80 - 20 rule.

20% cause 80% to overall.

That’s mean top 20% of all player will effect 80% income of Flare Team.


For Trophy stripping can be called as dirty trick, even every player free to use don’t mean it’s good to let it be.

Whats 20% though, roughly around a hundred thousand players, the question is how much are the top 50 players worth to flare… 1% maybe. 

But if the current 50 become disillusioned and leave, how long will it be before the next 50 do the same and so on. 



Be Feared of 80 - 20 rule!!!

Top 50 is 80% income of Top 250

Top 250 is 80% income of Top 1,250 (Top 50 is 64% income of Top 1,250)

Top 1,250 is 80% income of Top 6,250 (Top 50 is 51.2% income of Top 6,250)

Top 6,250 is 80% income of Top 31,250 (Top 50 is 40.96% income of Top 31,250)

Top 31,250 is 80% income of Top 156,250 (Top 50 is 32.76% income of Top 156,250)

Top 156,250 is 80% income of Top 781,250 (Top 50 is 26.208% income of Top 781,250)


Not mention that many of hundred thoundsand players isn’t serious players.


(I think I somehow stupid to serious using this reason.)



And top 50 is something that most player should aim, isn’t it?

If top 50 is too bad to make most player don’t need to be, what point to make top 50 for this game?

The reason I don’t aim for top 50 is because it’s based around you pay ~£100 to become 50th and £110 to become 49th and so on… Doesn’t that annoy you. Lets say if your sat in 37th postion and invested alot  of money/time to be there and somebody comes along pays a little bit more they are suddenly better than you. I don’t know how much real money you guys invest or whether you would be willing to expose that. I know a lot comes from tapjoy and ads but… I know I’m beating a dead horse here but windows don’t have that option.


Also this is the reason hundreds of thousands of people  leave or play very little. (So much Ad revenue going to waste.) 

I windows player too.

Get used to exploits?

psh ive been rage stripping hsmk for a bit and they fixed that problem guess most of the case is closed on this issue

Hello everyone. We introduced a mechanic to deal with trophy stripping with last week’s update. Trophies are now capped for people that attack outside of regular matchmaking. If you have any feedback regarding this change, please give us direct feedback via this thread.