Trophy Stripping

good for you, bad for me;(

it cost me 16 new battles.

I think there’re new issue about Trophy Stripping.

How about who hidding at very lower Trophies Rank to hunt High Rank for gold and protect themself from be looted?


I don’t think banning is a good way to solve this problem, but balancing reward and trophies must be a correct answer.


  • When you succesful revenge, you got most what you lost.

  • When you be succesful revenge, you lost most you got.

  • Trophies Rank limit reward what you can get, also get more bonus reward as high as your rank is.

  • Using scroll limit Trophies reward which you shall get.

maybe thas what my nemesis was doing to me he stripped me of quite a few trophies over a few days. but I don’t worry. cause it gives me a clear target to attack and adjust my forces and if I can screw him good since he has been doing it to me!!! heheheheheheheh. revenge. and I have been doing better because of it also to learn hoe to change up my offence to suit the diff. deffenders and to keep changing my defence so he cant get use to it.

… and still the stripping continues … Flare are you going to do something about it or as its gone quiet on this post, do you think its not still a problem, it is! I’m sure there are many in the top 10 who would like to remind you of that, it’s still a daily occurrence and one that really needs to be sorted. Jona/Pete and top ten players (other than the main cheat of course) views?

i agree with drum, its horrible. why don’t flaregames do something against this? the knew about this problem since more than a half year but they don’t do anything about that. flaregames says always they take a look in this problem.

so what have you see flaregames?

the flaregames are listening and have a lot of insight from michael and bugs. They will soon be retiring stripped of function, but instead will update some UI grass, trees, flowers, leaves, accompanied by a box of bricks, so that we can enjoy and build towers, then together to when look for fun.  :wub:__  :wub:  :wub: 

well said HsMk :grinning:

I have been stripped at least 30 times in the last 24-48 hrs. It takes like 20 raids to make up the trophies lost from just one raid. I’m getting very tired of spending hours gaining trophies just to log out for 15 mins, then come back to 150-200 trophies gone.

WOW that is more than you say, because I remember that I robbed of you so much and strips miscellaneous.

sorry for using the word miscellaneous strips, you do not notice, because You help my 2nd account crowned, your trophy so much, I will deprive you of much more.

Flare, trophy stripping is a legitimate issue and a large concern for the higher ranked players.


you made an “incentive” for people to go up in rank by offering more medals as a bonus but in return those who are in the top10 regularly get stripped of their hard earned trophies. The medal bonus is not really an incentive for the top ranked people (especially those in the top10) simply because the gems they receive from winning the leagues are not enough to get back the trophies stripped from them.


But as usual in regular Flaregames style, you guys will probably read the many posts here and decide to ignore your players or will give some standard reply like: “we’re looking into it” or “we will do something about it”

I know you have been using your other accounts to strip trophies from me and giving them to your main. You can continue and there’s nothing I can do to stop you. But if that’s what you have to do to stay number 1 in the rankings, then your nothing more than a cheat who has to use exploits to make yourself feel strong and not worth my time.

thanks for your info but 5 level ups means more than 1000€ to invest in this game. no thanks that is to much money for only one game. i have enough money spend ago in this game, now its enough.

I’m sure he reads this forum, the main ‘cheat’ is out of the top 10 now, I will be keeping him there, with others help, until he plays properly. 

​if you’re close to reaching, you should try to get.   :wub: 

you’ll get used to it  ^_^__ 

Bug this time that you return to.


 he is taking about wX2X1X and aXnX2X, u can fill in the blank with X

Just to update you guys on the current situation: We have evaluated potential fixes and will implement some changes next week. We will see, how this will affect the game and if the situation is changed to the better.