Trophy system complaint

Fix the dang trophy system! Goodness gracious, I literally missed two towers (I may point out that they were at the gate and Fritz took out the low level gate before I could take the last 2 down) and lost a trophy for winning that battle. Makes no friggin’ sense to me, Madlen, please report the horrific trophy system problem to the devs


Hello AK,

We assume that here the enemy had a lower trophy amount than you. So since you didn’t get that 100% you may lose trophies. Hence the system worked as intended, BUT I will forward the feedback.



Well, yeah, he did have lower trophies, BUT I beat his base. Lol, if that’s the way the algorithm is supposed to work than something is not right down at flare. What in the world? Who in their right mind would have that be possible. The ONLY way you should have that be implemented in the game, is by having no gate towers in the game at all!

Anyway, thanks for forwarding it to the devs, hope they can do something about the algorithm we’ve been complaining about for forever

What did it show at the attack screen? How many trophies did it show that you can win? If it shows 0 trophies, you know upfront that you will lose trophies for any result other than a 100% victory.

I would gain 1 trophy from a 100% victory. He was a traitor to the alliance that would attack others so I had to attack

In that case you need to balance the requirement to attack versus the likely loss of trophies. :slightly_frowning_face:

Also see this thread: 

97% victory, still -12 trophies!

Ha! Typical jumping around the question attitude.

Not exactly, she did give the info to the devs, so hopefully they fix the trophy problem

I think 4 years is enough time to fix the problem, don’t you?

I would imagine trophy count was quite significant in your favor only way I can see that happening. Other example with Lacuna looks to be an error though.

He was a significant amount lower than me, but his towers are high level. The system obviously knew that too, cause I would get 1 trophy for 100% while he is 900 trophies below me. I cannot and will never understand losing trophies for winning

something about this thread makes me think of a shiny hitch.

was 1000 trophies lower than you were at that time.

none of my towers are high level. unless of course you consider 5 level 9 towers in a base that does not even have the max towers or barricades. nor the proper amount that can be used. simply just is not my style, and I have never used the full amount. nor do I even have 70 upgrades on towers. not even 30 on barricades. and surely do not have 240 morale yet.

these 5 mystically high level towers are 2 arrow towers, 2 bomb towers and a gargoyle tower. maybe my awesomest set up skills overwhelm weak players. probable.

absolutely sick of you dragging my name in mud, and you should have shown some respect and blacked out my name. most decent posters here do not openly trash other players in such fashion, especially when their gripe is their very own shortcomings.

maybe its your style of play? maybe it was your ‘bro’ playing at the time. who knows.

2 things for the record…….

  1. am wrapping up my 11th week of play. 

  2. joined the alliance you were in for a short period of time. maybe 9 days and completed a conquest, helping out where and when I could. donated every day. gave troops to members when I could and donated 8 pals. when I left, on my own terms, I was attacked by your members. not the other way around. period. gg.

as madlen stated, there is nothing wrong here. accept maybe your attitude… and your lack of skills possibly. probable. which reminds me about something this thread makes me think of…


good day sir.


First off, my bro is real lol, got five of them (just a side note) and no, I would never let this happen

I don’t think 97% is what I would call a “lack of skills”, more, couldn’t take down a base 100% because his Castle Gate wasn’t upgraded. It’s not lack of skills, I’m just too strong, that’s the problem!

Sure, you left on your own terms, but don’t say you were attacked by us first. You’ve been attacking me for weeks (which I think is total fair play, btw) and you’ve done a fairly good job. The problem is, not only do I lose trophies for beating your base, but I would also lose trophies when you lost while attacking mine. My post isn’t directed toward you so much as the trophy algorithm that is totally messed up

Probably should have, my bad on that part :grinning:  

Now, it’s time for me to say goodbye. I will check in to see what cra p is going on, but this will be my last post.

If that’s the case and you have an issue then just make it known in your alliance there is someone they need to attack that is too low for you. I don’t think it’s an algorithm problem it’s geared that way purposely to keep stronger players from attacking weaker players non stop with no risk of losing trophies and/or significant gold since that will also be lower payout if you attack weaker players.

Can happen like in Oylmpus Rising if you fight someone with just 2 or 3 trophy and you do a 97%. Remember 1% remove 1 Trophy. so yes its possible to obtain -1 or -2 same if you do 97% or 98% if the opponent you have choosen is really too low

However if the guy had like over 5 or 10. Of course its a weird bugs

Hello :slight_smile:

please come back to topic. The original question is answered. If you want to continue the thread, it should be about discussing the trophy system. And please refrain from insulting each other ?

On a side note @AwesomestKnightest if the person on the picture is not fine with seeing his/her name here, please delete the picture or upload again with the name blacked out. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Good day!

It’s done, I changed it  :slight_smile:

More problems with the trophy system. Honestly don’t understand this BS. This guy, who will go unnamed, for his sake, got 67% and I lost 3 trophies. Unacceptable! I understand that trophies aren’t that big of a deal, especially only 3, but I’m sick of the idea of rewarding losers. He lost to my base, why should he get trophies from me? The trophy system needs to be worked on majorly. It’s very annoying to win a defense but lose trophies

gonna be seeing much more of me soon enough. maybe throw in some of them 99% wins i had as well. lol.

  1. am figuring you out, fast, and you are not leveling towers/units fast enough for me.

  2. soon. and really really soon, i wont be spending my resources on level goals.

  3. without phoebe, it would be 100% every single time.

  4. there is nothing wrong with system.