Trophy system discussion (Suggestions for a Fix?)

I am a professional with a really demanding job. 

So sometimes I have to step away from the game.

Currently due to stepping away I’ve dropped down to 3,400 trophies.

And I don’t know the exact logic, but at that trophy level raiding gives me virtually no gold (~100k). 

Obviously, I have very little to upgrade, but still occasionally they put out an update and I have a few towers to upgrade. 

But now virtually everything I upgrade costs 12M meaning 120 raids per upgrade!

So I just don’t raid cause I feel no incentive. 

So I’ve been sitting here at 3,400 for about 6 months. 

And realistically, I might never make it back. 

Note I compete in all Ninja, War, and Conquest Events they just keep me at 3,400 even though I never lose a battle there (mid range Alliance).

To sum up though, my trophies fell and there’s not enough incentive for a busy person to bring them back up.

Even though if I could just reset my trophy level to 4,200 to 4,500 I could compete there easily.

I guess that your only way to earn decent gold is to wear full luck gears and harrassing 500 cups guys…this way you can get your money.

it s boring to do that but raiding for so less money should also be boring no?

This is the primary reason why I’m not playing. The progress is a pittance compared to the time I have to put in.

Your trophy level is based on your defenses for the most part.

If you hover around a trophy level for several days anyway, maybe it is better for you to drop some more (semi-open base).
That way when matchmaker has adapted, you can fight while climbing trophies and get some high gold targets.

we all know the trophy system is horrible. The change they have do in the past with 3.8.0 had broken the gameplay in RR2. because of the cap and difference of 700. This had bring the gold issue. Same if you gain 200,300 or 400 trophy more change nothing. You are stuck with opponent at 10k,20k or 100k max

That why I don’t spend time and raid anymore. Just go in the game collect pal chest,collect my gold in taverns and my daily chest and log out. I play only during Ninja,Wars and Conquest. The rest no thanks

I am stuck at 1700 forever. If I lose one raid I lose -60 trophy. So this new trophy system since January have kill RR2 for good and apparently same if we repeat trophy is horrible on the forum since over 8 month. Flare seem don’t care

So they lose more players again and again and again. Its the main reason why there is no more gold too. Don’t have anymore enough active player who raid.

RR2 is in a dead state so same player at 3400 or 3700 like Maerique at this range start to see a negative impact on gold

the only solution is if Flare do something to attract more player in the game or do a miracle to bring RR2 alive otherwise RR2 is condamned to continue to die each week.

I don’'t think that’s true.

The issue is NOT that I can’t beat the players I’m matched with.  It’s that I don’t feel it would be worth my time beating them! 

If I dropped trophies, I’d be getting even less gold.

If I could just set my trophy count to 4,000+, I’d start playing again cause at that level I was getting raids that brought in between 600K - 900K and with my boosts that’s about 3M gold.  That was worth it. 


W?T?F??!  I actually have a job!  I don’t need to be bored while playing games!

Exactly… The game is an unnecessary chore. Why play if you don’t have fun playing and there’s no downsides leaving?

I start to annoy those who have 5000-5500 trophies and almost always get 1 -1.5 million, you should just improve your attack and you can attack anyone.?

I can attack anyone.

On a lucky day I can beat @oPelle, I’ve even beaten @FTB before he left the server.  But now the War Matching just gives me chumps.

That’s why I said, if I could just click and rest my trophy count to 4,200 to 4,500.  I wouldn’t complain at all.  That range is plenty of gold for a casual gamer like me.

No need to mention who you already beated in the past, what matters is who you can beat now.

You don’t need to use matchmaker to raid for gold. I search alliances nearby (sorry ladies and gentlemen from teams nearby) and check their players for gold. I check 3700+ players and when I find targets having 500k+ gold, I decide whether I raid them or not. I try to skip players who I did raid more often recently, but when they have plenty of gold, I will raid.

You say in that 4200+ layer you find gold, so what stops you to raid those players? I don’t care I don’t get trophies, just before a ninja event I raise them by using matchmaker, as soon as that event did start, I drop trophies.

When the new release came out, we did need plenty of gold to upgrade 38 structures (40 in total with research and castle guard). Guess what? I just need to start three more to get everything maxed. And I was even lazy, the most recent ones, I used mainly video chests, if I would have been more active, all would have been maxed.

Just raid the top players. They have plenty of gold.


You can raid me too, I have my treasury full all the time. When it’s full, I even boost my Taverns to increase the gold reward for raiders.


IGN: LacunaC

As I noted I think the game should be fun…

These words you say: search, check, these sound like work words…

I used to do that, but I just don’t anymore. 

There are other games like Clash Royale…

I start the game.  I press the Battle Button, and I have fun.

Note: This morning I woke up, and before I got out of bed, I played Castle Seige and Clash Royale but didn’t feel the desire to play Royal Revolt.  It’s on them to make the game fun (not us)!  That’s why it’s called a game!

In fact it is not always work Maerique, I open an alliance, check a couple of players and hope one of them has enough gold. In 90% of the time, I find my first opponent within less than a minute. Next raid, I search in another alliance and repeat. I remember what kind of gold there was given and by doing this often, you already get a clue what player never gives gold and who does quite often. So in some situations I even skip some alliances, since I know their players most likely don’t have gold and are indeed only a waste of time to check. 

Sometimes it could be more time demanding, since sometimes not any player inside a team has enough gold or they are online, but fortunately that situation in my case not often occurs. You can hold reckon with time zones, so when I for example check an European team in the evening, I can expect more players to be online.

You use gold gear, I use farm gear (50 bread, since I use heal ring, instead of farm ring) and that’s a choice. Gold gear advantage is that you need less raids, since gold you get is more in case you can beat the base with that. 

However… farm gear makes sure, you won’t run out of food and it doesn’t matter how many raids you need, you can keep raiding, without even boosting farms. So whatever happens, even when I miserably fail on a base, I know that I will have enough food to reach my gold goal. And I invested in my farm gear, I made sure to have triple speed, acceptable leadership and scream perk. So I increased the odds to beat the gate.

Maybe your gold gear is somewhat outdated. So check the PL sets. Armor, pauldron, weapon plus gloves you can get a pro gold perk, maybe they give you improved stats and even more gold.

I plan an upgrade and reaching that goal gives me the good feeling. What do you think when I don’t find targets having my minimal amount of gold pretty fast? I lower my expectations and start to raid players with for example 300k+ gold instead. Yes, it takes more raids by doing that, but I am also not willing to spend a lot of time in searching for a player with plenty of gold. 

If I need more raids, so be it. When I reach such a goal, it’s a mini victory. Raiding is fun. If you don’t like the raiding part, then it’s time to play other games. 

When you need trophies, you use matchmaker, when you need gold, do what I do or mark players who constantly have gold in your favorite list. 

I have no clue when Flare will fix this horrible trophy system but I still hope maybe one day they will. Maybe not in the priority but they should be

Hello there :grinning:

Also, I will change the name to “Trophy system discussion” and add a tag for “player input needed” because this is the direction the thread is heading.

Thank you!

Oh, and I will forward your feedback about the trophy system to the devs.

I had the same issue when I started playing again after a pause from the game. I lost a lot of trophies, so I could not use matchmaking button because it would only give me bases with the minimum medals and very low gold.
Using the search feature is what worked for me, but it was not enjoyable. It’s a lot more work than just clicking a “new enemy” button, and it takes a lot more time as we have to check all bases, because there is no way to know who is online and who is not.

Maybe a switch option to sort matchmaking by trophies OR similar hero level would solve this? ?

Then when we are below our normal trophy range we could still attack bases, at least for gold and medals, using the “random raid” button

This is definitely correct. If you can attack much higher than your trophy rank you have focused too much on offensive upgrades. If you win a bunch of battles then go off line and lose 80%+ of your defenses then maybe it’s time to focus on defense upgrades. True trophy count should be a range of player you win and lose against in offense battles and defense battles. If you don’t want to put the time in to upgrade your defense then you can’t really complain when your trophy count doesn’t increase.

I do something else. I drop as low as I can (can’t get much lower than 2600 atm), hit “search”, set criteria to 4k and “no alliance” and put on gold gear. This achieves several things:

  1. they actually have gold (hardly ever less than 300k), and even if I can’t beat them, gold boost makes up for it.

  2. no trophies gained from hitting targets much higher so I can stay low.

  3. easier than guys in alliances - to get the same amount of gold on boosted bases I’d need to lower search trophy range (yeah, I kinda suck) to where I’d start gaining trophies for raids, and nobody needs those.

  4. it’s actually more fun this way because it’s a challenge. Farming easy targets = grind = work. I’d rather find interesting layout options.

I know it’s not the best method but for me it gives the best results for work required. Dena searches through alliances - I don’t have time or patience (especially patience) for that. Now, if I could set the search to precise trophy ranges (something I’ve been groaning about since forever), I could’ve found different targets, closer to my actual level. But nope, so I’ll do things the quick way. I may not be as busy as Maerique but that doesn’t make my time any less valuable. Or anyone else’s.

Madlen wants suggestions, but I’m not sure how this could be solved. Disconnecting gold from trophy difference would be something. Because no one wants trophies now. No one. Except for getting desired tiers in ninja (which hardly ever happen nowadays) trophies are a liability. Not having the game punish you for ranking higher would be a nice improvement.




I don’t want less gold!

For those of you who don’t get it…

The lower you go on the trophy scale, the less gold you get!

About 6 months ago (when I had time and interest to play) at 4,000+ trophies I was getting about 600K to 800K gold before Gold Booosts each raid. 

Currently at about 3,500+ trophies I get about 125K gold…  Which NOT enough to make me interested in raiding… 

Which means my trophy level doesn’t rise…

Which means I will never get enough to be interested in raiding.

So I’m not raiding…

So my trophy level is not rising…

Flare needs to fix this problem…

Again, I state, if I could just click my trophy level back up to 4,000+, I would and then I’d be playing again.  Cause it would feel worth raiding…

As is though Flare is saving me plenty of time cause I’m not playing their game!