Trophy system is faulty/wrong/unfair, CHANGE IT !

Existing trophy system is faulty/wrong/unfair

PROBLEM #1 : for eg. Someone attacks me and I lose 10 trophies, that’s fine, but if same person attacks and uses scrolls and revive, I still lose 10 trophies ?!?!?!? UNFAIR n ILLOGICAL, I mean my defence must be hard for that person, so he/she needed to use scrolls n revive, so I should lose less trophies, you give him/her whatever trophies you like, but I shouldn’t lose same amount if that person had cleared without using scrolls or revives.revives.

PROBLEM #2 : Medals against player reflect how tough that base would be, but the game doesn’t take elite boosts in count, for eg. 200 medal base with elite boosts is way tougher than 200 medal base without elite boosts, so, medals should also take elite boosts in count, for eg. If a player without elite boosts is worth 200 medals and if he joins an alliance and his base gets elite boosts, then his base should be worth 250 medals.

You will start losing less tropies if you are targeted over & over.

And about the medal count it is effected by rankings…


Once you get some experience/gameplay under your belt you love being attacked by someone who scrolls!  Because!  You get free gems!  You’ll grow into it sonny.  :slight_smile:

Why should it be fair? Check out KK Star’s awesome starter guide