Trophy System SUCKS

WHAT THE HECK FLARE? I work and work and work and work my ass off to get to 3094 trophies to get myself up before the ninja events. Averaging 5 trophies per attack for about 25 attacks today and what happens, I lose ONE attack, ONE! And I lose 54 trophies, it’s prepostorous, it’s happened 2 times today. And I’ve lost a total of 110 trophies off 2 attacks, its BS (and I don’t mean blacksmith  :stuck_out_tongue: )

as has been said many times, don’t use matchmaker and you won’t lose so many trophies when you lose.

This is why so many people spam attack lower levelled players. Very low risk of losing, 99% assured of getting 4-5 trophies. The system is completely messed up. Level 110s attack level 100s, level 100s attack level 90s and so on. This encourages bullying and cowardice and the devs do nothing. Your best gains should come from attacking players higher than you, you should get little too nothing for attacking lower level players. In fact if, outside of war (maybe) attacking a player 10 levels or more lower you should have no pals and less starting moral.

I know that sucks a lots. this system like Wibble said make everyone attack lower player and do bullying to obtain 100% win in all raid. You have two choice :

1.Find opponent you can beat easily in your favorite list and farm them non stop. Same if its only 3-4 trophy. after 20 attack. You should regain your trophy lost or if you know you own strength you can find opponent who give 20+ I try to beat them but more risky

  1. Built a defense with tower forged at +40 each and try to build a really well design base and problem solve. Mine is forged at 25 and sometime I can be 1 week without play this game. When I return in the games my trophy is not affected because so much people fail my base and I can gain over 50 gems a week

If you forge like crazy your defense its possible to obtain between 8 and 20 gems a day off war and during Wars over 200 gems without any boost :

after 8 attack in the same day I can gain enough gems and my base is very well designed with no boost lol

look the result :

So if you invest time and pearls and forge your defense at +20,+25,+40 or more and lucky to have full boosted base you can push back so many attacks and gains rain of gems