Trophy system update feedback

Hey victims!

While some of us are celebrating the tweaks of the infamous trophy system and others not so much celebrating it, I would like to create a topic to collect all of the feedback regarding the system. I know @CaptainMorgan would very much appreciate this, since he was the one to request such feedback.

Now, for this to run smoothly and avoid the usual rant and Civil Jihads we tend to have with regard to such topics, I would like to mention some _ regulations  _we should try following while posting here.

1) Avoid any personal comments or criticisms. This thread is designed to discuss trophy system and not individual trophies/cases.

2) You have to offer some constructive feedback to post here. I.e. a simple “This idea is sh1t” would not suffice without in-depth explanation why it is so, backed up With some form of a real in-game example. (We are providing feedback and not so much ideas after all)

3) Consolidate your posts. I know some of you love doing one post per person you are responding to, but for the sake of space, please use one post and resort to tools such as spacing to separate ideas

4) Be as indifferent as possible. All of us have strong opinions, but they do not necessarily have to involve or be based on strong emotions.

I highly encourage participation, as we have seen that forums DO MATTER and that changes DO HAPPEN, you can actually cause changes for the better (or worse if you wish so).



Well So far new trophy sytem turned out to be good one,atleast for me.

I love this game to its core but always seeing my battle logs filled with my 25 trophy loss was too much for me.I used to feel depressed as this game was demanding my full attention but now With last update I can worry about my real life ? rather worrying about trophy losses.

To elaborate my point more I would like to give an example.My base is always invaded by atleast 50-60 players everyday If 10 of them hit me for 25 trophies than I lost 250 trophies but with new trophy system I will lose only 150 which is better as I lost 100 trophies less.Which means now I make 34 less raids as making 34 raids means 102 trophies for me(I only find opponents worth 3 trophies on my map believe it or not but that’s the truth). 

One raids takes about 1:30 - 2 minutes for easy opponents but for hard one about 3 I am almost saving one hour.

With new trophy system I am not forced to play the game non stop to save my ranking.For the last two days I am only making 20-30 raids in a day to move my heroes from mount olympus That’s all.

@Infamous  can I make one or two more post to point more good thing about the new trophy system.

I think the new system is very good, because now you lose less trophies so players are not as frustrated as before and this should reduce the abandonment of the game that was previously caused just by the frustration of losing in just 3 minutes the trophies earned in 30 minutes.
The frustrated player looks for other games, the satisfied player continues to play so this update goes in the right direction
sorry @Infamous but a personal consideration I do: thanks @CaptainMorgan for listening to our suggestions

I like the new system. For a month I have been stuck in the 4900 to 5050 trophy range simply because I attack, I sleep then when I wake up, I lose 100 trophies from less than 10 attacks.

There is some form of frustration that couldn’t be explained with seeing -25 trophies from one person compared to -30 from 10 people.

Now when I look at -15 trophies from one person, it feels like “meh”, that the frustration from -25 wasn’t there anymore. I know it is weird and confusing but this is what the new trophy system is for me.

Oh, and I also leaped over that 4900 to 5050 trophy range that I have been stuck at since the tweaking of the trophy system.

Overall, well done FG devs and thanks.

Alright. To begin with, my take on the new system goes as follows: I definitely feel that it is a lot better. I dont loose as many trophies as I used to and even when I do, the gem rewards seem adequate and not like I am a beggar given alms to sustain myself for a day more. Which is good! Furthermore, I definitely see an increase in the overall activity, i.e. I am getting numerous attacks, so I actually went down a bit (partially because I am pretty much inactive atm). I dont want to make any statements, but I may shyly suggest there is an association of a sort.

Now, questions.

@HOLYDIVINE by all means do make more posts when you have something else to say. The rules are in place to make any discussion, should it somehow appear, meaningful and helpful and not to restrict the flaw of feedback. I understand we all have our initial impressions that may change as the time goes, so I somewhat expect people to say more than a single post.

@vasudeva1 Np, I actually welcome such considerations ;). The part about single players is in place to prevent discussion of certain defenses over the discussion of the system in general, a way to stay focused and prevent brawls if you wish.

why not update to loss only 3 trophy like 3 only win or loss so the trophy determined by the activity of player = more battle more trophy 

maximum of 3 trophy for wining

maximum of 3 trophy for lossing

will be more balance no low player gain more trophy from high trophy player and no high player loss more trophy , the more you active in game the more trophy you get 


bad idea coz active players would soon have 100k trophies. If I remember correctly we had a similar setup once and it was not good.

Additionally active but new players with low trophies would never ever have a chance to reach top 100 of the leaderboard.

that fair system better then high player holding trophy because the have higher item and deference system but not active 


trophy gain from battle the game should reward more active player not lazy high level player that dont remember last time they go to battle 

and how they dont have chance ? , with current system you loss more then you gain , you gain only 3 trophy in battle and gain 6 or 10 or 10 when your deference win but loss same amount or more after that 

every play got fair chance i began with game with 0 trophy now after 2 month i have 4200 trophy ? , if i keep active in game i wil have more thats how things work and i only get 3 trophy from battle nothing more only in rare battle i got 5 or 6 or 8 trophy battle and that happen like one battle each 2 or 3 days very rare , so basic win 3 trophy 

with new system i dont care about how much trophy again because it always the same 3 , but they minimize trophy loss to - 15 , now they should make it to -3 

As is the case in many games similar to OR, many of the tactics and mechanics which work at lower levels stop working at higher levels. 

Currently, it is possible — if you really know what you’re doing AND maintain a bunch of blessings — to gain trophies and a ton of gems on defense alone. This is only possible at low levels, certainly up to 60 and some players stretch it farther than that. It relies on you knowing how the game works better than most new players and tricking them. The game also gives you tons and tons of gems at lower levels, so many new players are inclined to spend them attacking enemies on their map. 

This doesn’t work at high levels at all. Everyone in the top *you pick it, 200, 500* is very active. You need to be active just to maintain your trophies. 

So your premise is wrong. 

The only things that were documented on the new system were …

  • no loss of thropies unless you take down the gate
  • lowered the max amount of thropies gained/loss

And undocumented changes that seem pretty obvious …

  • heroes coming back to bases every 2-3 lost fights
  • raised or taken away (?) the top cap, seeing how they have rised
  • changed matchmaking, the players on the map now are on average of a much lower rank than before

To be honest, the first two have been just a cosmetic change, not a revolution in any way … they tinkered a bit on the % and overall it doesn’t really impact much to me. The lowered amount gained/loss doesn’t take away any of the criticism to the system. The no loss unless taking down the gate makes sense, but tbh (and I’m talking personally) at high thropies I take down the gates 99% of the times, so I don’t see it as a breaking change really - that’s to be checked more with low-middle rank I guess than with high ranked.

About the undocumented instead, the heroes coming back every couple fights is very annoying for me, it’s too much.
The cap raised, if true (might be a side effect of the third undocumented change) … well this brings back at the request of many of radical change of the system - like the monthly or such reset of ranking etc … if any, it makes rants about it even louder. From what I see now, the first result is that the scores are raising even faster than before, you have the top ten packed in like 1000-1500 range, which is like 300-500 fights … which is something high active players can make in a day or two … not sure if this is good.
And about the third undocumented change, probably is one of the reason why high ranks are getting packed up - for top players that means clearing their map basically in autoplay vs easy targets. Festing on easy targets while getting raped by high ones is normally more frustrating than fun.

So not sure, the o loss without gate it’s ok. The less thropies gained/loss is insignificant. Heroes coming back that often is bad. The changes of matchmaking imho wasn’t good.
Overall no breaking changes, left me indifferent enough - still waiting for some more exciting proposal for this grinding, because as it is now it is getting boring :slight_smile:

Just my opinions of course.


I think players worth fifteen trophies should be made rare and allowed to be attacked only once by an individual Players rather than giving three attempts to other players.opponents using gems or inovocations to win massive trophies should be rewarded only three trophies instead fifteenth trophies ir cost of inovocations should be raised to minimise thier use(Serioulsy invocations are cheat codes,If one knows how to use them properly that is ???)

I haven’t used inovocations sinse conquering Griffin isles or Pheonix isles and I just don’t like the fact when players use them to win massive trophies from me while I defeat those same players without any invocations (Despite the fact they have tough bases than mine)I am rewarded with only three trophies.

Well Unfortunately low ascenion players but high on trophy count are the victim of the weird matchmaking pattern of OR.I am constantly attacked by 120+ ascenion players for 15 trophies even though I am only at level 99.???

My Thoughts excatley players playing at the top 3000 list have this problem unforunately @CaptainMorgan still haven’t made any change to that as he promised to do it.

I am still waiting for it in any future update.

No it is not really good for one’s health to be glued to the phone for five six hours a day to make such high and insane levels of raid and I do fell sorry for top 100 players.In order to stay at the top those gamers are literally giving it all.

I am also now getting tired of making 100 raids in a day (earlier on it was fun as my heroes were gaining experience but now they all are level 20)to recover  my trophies losses,it is making game repetitive and boring , no challenge or fun at all.

Now I think I should start playing Royal revolt 2 or 1  :wink: :wink: :wink:  as I am constantly getting offers from flare games for them whenever I log in to Olympus Rising but I really wish I can do so but that would mean saying Goodbye to Olympus Rising and dedicating my free time on other games.


This is just a result of players at the top ranks losing 40% less trophies per attack. There’s no “real” trophy cap.

@vasudeva1you can’t say you never see players worth 15 trophies on your map anymore! :slight_smile:

sorry Dumpster, but when I see a strong player I have to attack him, however I was polite, I only took 14 trophies ?

Everyone is welcome to attack me! That’s what the game is all about!

I take this opportunity to ask you a question: when you spend 20k and then come down again under the level of pheme it drops or remains at the maximum value you have reached? I ask you because some of my friends say that after having earned pheme a lvl of 18k trophies even if they fall to 17k pheme does not decrease, while to me when I get off under 18k also drops pheme

It drops. And yes, the 20k pheme is really, really good.