Trophy System

Hi All,

So this has been touched on in a few places but not directly addressed as something that needs improvement. I am Ascension lvl 34 and have some decent heroes but the “matchmaking” has players in the 40’s on some of my islands. It’s a challenge I am willing to work with and if I play it right I can usually win. The issue I have is that if I lose a match to a drastically stronger player, I lose 40+ Trophies (has happened numerous times) and it also doesn’t inform me of what I risk losing if I do in fact lose to them. If I do manage to beat them I am looking at an upside of 10 Trophies for the win. This needs to be drastically balanced so that when you fight up to someone you aren’t going to lose so much for taking the challenge (using ambrosia/sometimes gems) just to lose out on 40 Trophies and spend 3 days climbing back up and avoiding that island. Trophies need to be way more scalable to who you are fighting. Something like this…using my level as an example.

Lvl 30 Ascension and Under 2-5 Trophies for win Vs 20-30 Trophies for loss.

Lvl 31-36 Ascension (at lvl player) 6-12 Trophies for Win Vs 10-20 Trophies for loss.

Lvl 37+ Ascension 20-30 Trophies for win vs 5-10 Trophies for a loss.

It needs to be scalable. Right now everyone’s just getting by and floating around the same trophy counts, no progression,and limited movement for those that can’t buy everything in the game. It’s severely lopsided right now.



Agree with the generic point that trophy system needs to be improved. But those numbers suggested are WAAAAYYYY high. I will double my trophies in a day if that was implemented. Reducing trophy losses for player 8+  levels higher than you makes total sense. Ofcourse, players who are 8 levels higher sometimes have faulty defenses. Like low level towers only 2 - 3 waves… These guys obviously have lesser trophies and the trophies that you get for beating them are less or even 0. So some measure of defense points and trophies based on those would be a good idea.



Oh I totally agree by no mean what I listed is what I think they should implement just an example,but I think it needs to be scaled based on like a defensive value to your offensive value when you attack. Whatever algorithm is in place to determine earned trophies and lost trophies needs to be leveled so it’s not so debasing to fight a higher level opponent and maybe be a little more rewarding seeing as it will take you a few tries or you may never beat them at all. My other big driving point is to have something on there to let us know if we lose, what exactly is it going to cost us.


Totally agree with that. I lost 56 trophies in 1 match because I was playing Ariande and a Chiro tower shot a spearman who reached my base. That’s just insane…

Yeah…then you spend a day or two just getting it back to where you began so unfair


Flaregames can improve the trophies system indeed, but it 's not really bad! 

The algorithm which calculate the number of trophees you win or loose is only based on the number of trophies your opponent have.

When you’re above 1800 trophees you win almost nothing cause you’re close to the top and you can lose a lost of trophies in one shot (yeah , I know you want to quit the game when you lose in one battle the trophies you won in an entire day ;)) 

But if you’re looking to the highest ranked player, they are around 3000 trophies since the game came worlwide, it doesn’t grow. When you win trophies, another lost and vice versa (Except for monster island) .

I may not be very clear, but I think the system is not that bad :slight_smile:  


Agreed, the trophies are ridiculous…and then there are the people with like 3k or 4k trophies. No way to catch up to that level with out something being done to stabilize the win/loss ratio of trophies.

I haven’t seen anyone above 4k trophies, and only the first is above 3k currently… (and he is only level 33…) so anyone can reach number one position if he has a good defense and a good team I think :slight_smile:

Hmm yeh, 3k trophies is nearly twice as much as me. His Hercules is the same level as mine. I’m lvl 40 though, and he has a better defence than me? Don’t think so…you can only upgrade your defences past a certain level with higher ascension levels.

i only just got my hydra after hitting 40. Because that is when you can unlock it. Unless he has made an island that is unbeatable at lvl 33, something is wrong in my opinion…

if he isn’t cheating, that just says to me…why bother levelling up? Why bother going for more and more upgrades. You can be number 1 at lvl 33…just stop there. Easy. Doesn’t make sense to me

Before a recent update to the game you used to be able to gain experience and trophies from the monster islands even when you did not beat them fully.  I know I experienced it with the medusa and minator island a bit before it was changed. 

You would attack but not be strong enough to win through the gate, but if you got up to “raid” you could get a bunch of trophies. I am sure some of the higher players who have played longer likely benefited from that as well and the trophy system is constantly balancing itself out.

i think the problem is not with the trophy calculations but with the choice of who the game matches you with.  It is mostly based on level today not trophies.  So, you can end up losing trophies and having only islands with 0-2 trophies available to win.  This makes the trophy system more based on defence than offence.  Which is perhaps how it is meant to be…

Didn’t know that, seems like people who played from the get go reaped the benefits lol. Oh well, I’m just gonna keep winning my 3 and 4 trophies per match!

Yeah, I think you’re right Leviathn !
Nevertheless TouKuzi, I am level 35 , I did not benefits of the bug Leviathn told us, and I am around 2100 throphies. 
The game isn’t only about how strong your defense is but also about how you may rarely lose and lost a lot of trophies (so attacking) . 

It wouldn’t be fare if the higher level player would be the first and on and on. It add some interest to the game for those who began lately. 

so does the top player always get 0 trophies for winning?






Not always , 
Currently, under 1300 trophies --> 0

              1300-1400 --> 1 

               1400-1500 -> 1-2 

                1600-1800 --> 3-4 

               above 1800 --> 5-11 (11 for the #1 who has 3000 trophies) 




i don’t know but i will be happy if the devs say anything about it. i’m constantly losing trophies without losing islands or losing to players i attack. today i lost 67 trophies when i logged in and still had the 20 islands like before. i’m really confused to this :confused:

I think it is also effected by what you have for trophies


Losing trophies means that an opponent has beaten your defense. Randomly after a a certain number of defeat one of your hero will be kicked and sent back to olympus. Loosing undefended islands don’t trigger this and don’t result by a trophies loose.


Hi everyone,

You can rest assured that we have noticed the discrepancies in the Trophy system, especially when it comes to things like losing large amounts of Trophies for a loss against someone of a much higher player level than you.

We are constantly working to improve the game, and hope to improve the Trophy system as soon as we have decided upon the best way to do so. Keep an eye out for changes!

Thanks for all the great feedback and constructive criticism.

Happy battling!


Thanks for the reply. Atm the trophy system is quite good, it is not dependant of your level ascension, this is very good for new players. And at higher level, they are noone who accumulating indefinitely trophies.


The trophy system is a big key that makes this game going on, so I hope this improves more and more. (add battle log to show to players what happens, and maybe players can help dev to find the best compromise).