Trophy system

I want to ask from the developers to make a post and explain us finally how this trophie system is working…  Both for offense and defense please… I believe it is something that we all want to know 

thank you

What poishodit with trophies? Was 4200, it was 3200, and so many. And why, then, if the number decreases trophies, chests of gold does not become cheaper?

Hello MrSinner,

As mentioned previously, we are currently working on fixing the troubles from the past weekend.

If your amount of trophies dropped, it is because you had way too many trophies for your levels, which means that attacks will really steal a lot of trophies. It is possible not all losses appeared in the Tributes screen if the number was excessively high. However, you should no longer continue losing so many trophies.

We are sorry for the troubles it created for you, but you will be able to play in a fairer environment afterwards, with opponents in your range.

Sorry again and thank you for your understanding

I still only get 3 trophies for winning. And I lose protection 40.
And again the question: why the cost of the trunks remained at a high level (as I understand it depends on the number of cups)?

Hello MrSinner,

The amount of trophies you will win or lose will become normal once you reached a more appropriate rank for your level in the leaderboard.

Also, the costs of the chests in the Vault of Hephaestus increase with the player’s level, as the rewards inside also increase!

As you level up, they become a better and better way to get more gold, ambrosia, wisdom, dominance and items.

I hope this answered your questions.

And that means more suitable rank?

That’s exactly what I need to do and how to develop in order to reduce the amount of loss protection, and to increase production in the attack? And I do not understand the mechanics of the game

Hello MrSinner,

A more suitable rank is a rank where you will be able to find opponents closer to your strength, be it defensive or offensive strength.

Give it a few days and it should be more balanced for you to fight in a fairer environment!


That’s actually a lie, people with their trophies decreased rapidly didn’t lose that trophies by people that fought them, Flaregames just removed them manually. 


As most of you have been aware, there was a big change of the trophy system Friday last week. That change had obviously a flaw in the system and punished top players, they lost too many trophies. On the other hand lower level players gained these trophies. That wasn’t intended. During the last days we fixed these problems, some of them manually to balance the leaderboard more to what it was before. It is still not where it will be going, it will take a bit time. We know that some of you appreciate that we fixed it, and some will not. As always. Mr. Sinner you still have more trophies than you usually would have with your player rank. So it is very likely that you will lose a bit more over the next days. 

Even if this is not the answer you expected, I hope this explains a bit. 



I understand it got a little messed up there with the trophies for the weekend, but that’s not to say I, being a lower level, didn’t grind the bejesus out of attacks for hours to get those trophies as high as they were, only to have you come into my account and take them, so where did my hours of grinding go? I agree the system leaned heavily in the favour of the lower levels, which is why I stayed that low, but don’t just take back all the hard work we put into it because you messed up… and your saying it’s going to get worse? What’s the point in playing/attacking if your just going to take all the rewards?

I am very disappointed with how the developers decided to remedy this issue, don’t punish us because of your mistake, push up those that your mistake negatively affected, for example, high levels get a high trophy reward from successfull attacks until they get back to where they should be, whereas the lower levels keep the low rewards. 

Dear developer. I even agree that such a decision would benefit. But I do not want to lose even more trophies because they certainly deserved, and extracted at constant attacks. My goal with a low level of ascension to defeat more monsters (next - hydra) and raise the level of their heroes. And only then move on to a new level of ascension. I always play, and only in that my interest. Therefore it will be terrible if more cups will be lost. I emphasize that I have to earn them by playing online is high all day long. How can you compensate?


That is what I have more trophies than the players at my level it is only the merit of my perseverance, and not some kind of freebie or using bugs.


If you want you can check it yourself. My nickname in the game: MrSinner

By hours of grinding do you mean attacking and taking islands, unlikely since there are only so many islands you can take, or attacking, quitting out at the gate to take trophies exploiting the issue from Friday? Many people didn’t exploit and lost many hundreds of trophies to the people exploiting. Some few people exploited and got unnaturally high trophy counts. Personally, I was very angry about the exploiting and the loss of over 500 trophies while having no islands to take back. I could see people going from 2000 to over 5000 in 2 days by abusing people unwilling to exploit the situation.

The last few days have seen much balancing and, I don’t know about you but, I think the situation is getting much better. Those that were at the top prior to the Friday patch, may not be back yet, but it’s moving that way. Those that gained unfairly I can see dropping fairly rapidly towards the level they were Friday before the patch. From the comments of the Devs in the various threads I can see there is more planned in the way of balancing and I hope it continues, but with a bit more care perhaps. 

I agree it’s getting alot better, I have lost alot, but even out now. Before update having 3k trophies was a top 5 only. Now it’s a ton of people. Just showing that people are not all back to were they should be. So if u still loseing just hang in there u will even out and start gaining like u did before update

Not everyone abused the “exploit”, especially the low level users didn’t had to do it. Why attacking constantly 1 enemy when you just can attack new enemies? It gives more xp, gold, chests…  and from the gold you can buy green chests, gain some ambrosia and just attack again, my map had at all times at least 2 enemies, they almost instantly popped up, I think the system is supposed to give you enemies at all time. 
…at least that’s how I did it and everyone else was free to attack as much as he liked (I attacked more than others = more trophies). The users that got abused got refunded and that’s great, but to revert someones progress is really ugly,  I don’t want to be part of a game where my progress can be reverted manually. The system would even out, I was constantly loosing trophies and that was fine, but to remove 1/4 of my trophies by hand without giving 1 single gem, doesn’t feel like a game that I would trust (especially with my money).

Dear developers. Once again, I will clarify that I have a strategy, and it was important for your game. I used to play steadily, receiving from each stage of the game happy. Please note that I play MONTH (!) In this game, and you say that at the touch of a button will destroy my progress? I did and invest money. Why, if I was more active than many players, but should lose cups because that is not invested thousands of dollars and not chasing ascension level?


Number of my cups steadily decreases. If I received last week for the attack even the minimum number of trophies (3 pieces), even in this case, my number would be above the cups! And all because you have decided that at this level of ascension is not worthy of me. Why should I pay for it, and who will return my lost week and a lot of nerves? Why should I pay for the other players, who enjoyed bugs? Who and how it can compensate for?

Sincerely, MrSinner

Hi MrSinner,

I can totally understand that you are more than unhappy. I would be the same. But I can only repeat what I have said. The system had a flaw over the weekend and we needed to heal the situation. You still have a higher count on trophies and therefore still has a benefit of the the situation from the weekend.

Once again sorry for the circumstances.




i am intersted on your thoughts why i should only get 3 trophies in this example :slight_smile:

A bigger question is why you have 2700 trophies at level 45 and him over 3000 at level 42. That’s what is broken in this system.