Trusty feedback (Royal Guardians)


Thoughts? Discussion about its abilities? Let’s collect it in this thread here :slight_smile:


For me trusty ist the best Guardian …. because i don’t need battlecry -> werewolf raids

i like the slow down aura and the speed, cooldown 20s is good.

Dislike the Animation of the icelce rain … the Damage is good at  Level 5.


Don’t have try it. I don’t have pearls to waste on him. Just for level 2 1,000 pearls its too much. Don’t wanna see the level 3,4 and others requirements.

If that was more like this :

Level 2 : 300 pearls

Level 3 : 600 pearls

Level 4 : 1,200 pearls

Level 5 : 2,000 pearls

Level 6 : 2,500 pearls

and so on… I don’t know


here is the List …



I have not upgraded anything that doesn’t use pal food specifically because of the list above. The guardians are great bit definitely not worth that price tag compared to using pearls to strengthen towers, gear, spells, troops etc. With how many items use pearls for upgrades the cost should be reduced by 1/3 to 1/4 of the price otherwise you have the same problem you have with nemesis being super weak for the price.


I don’t mind Trusty, but with Fritz already in the game, Trusty is kinda useless


OMG look the list ? crazy pearls needed. What they thinking Flare. That everyone can unlock the blacksmith slots after just 1 month after be level 20 and gain 1 millions pearls. Disconnected of the reality sorry but its the truth. I guess maybe 3% or less of players have the pearls to do it. No thanks Flare I prefer use my pearls to forge my units,spells and defense. This guardians will take dust because I have 0% intention to use it or upgrade it same if I have already the number of Trusty to level him at 4  


@Warriornator i still write that in this Topic

… i think so too

(The upgrade of the guardian with pearls is heavier than with pal food, the amount of pearls should remain accessible.)




Trusty is my favorite, but I have also stopped upgrading him due to the pearl cost (and kinda regret even my last upgrade).


I find it least useful compared to others !


Trusty is my favorite guardian because his abilities mimic those of swordrain. 

I briefly rearranged my base with all towers and units susceptible to swordrain to further test out trusty. 

Swordrain is my favorite spell and I stopped using it the other day when I upgraded my trusty to level 4 - 

It was then that I realized he takes down heal towers, ogres and necros - same as swordrain. 

He also deals a bit of damage to long-range units as well (cannons, pyros, frosters and archers).


Trusty feels like the best of the basic three.

My only gripe with it is that its Ability looks nearly exactly like Bilzzard, which can be confusing sometimes. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’d like to see a visual upgrade to Trusty’s Blizzard Ability, to make it more distinct from the actual Blizzard Spell. Its damage also is the highest of any Ice-related Spells possible to deal in the game, making Blizzard kind of further obsolete. And the huge range of 8, which seems like an Overkill, actually reaches further than your camera is able to see.

Trusty + Blizzard guarantee you will kill any Skull Tower, which is kind of nice. Trusty feels best-balanced of all 3 ‘starters’, I feel like.

It shares one issue with all of them - what the heck is Trusty’s “Aura”, what’s the Aura’s range and what does it do exactly? All this information is missing from Trusty’s Stat window, which you should improve.


I find that annoying only find Trusty in guardian chest. I think I have 14/2 probably enough to up him at level 4-5 in just maybe 2 or 3 weeks. At this speed someone can have Trusty at level 6-7 or more soon (of course if you have the pearls to spend on it)

maybe just bad luck I don’t know from me. I just got Trusty in chests. % is a little too much high I guess. I want to find more Sultan. Trusty is far far far low on my list of Guardians and don’t see any interest in him

I wlll try to accumulate them maybe its because I open them one by one and the game give me just Trusty





I guess what makes Trusty and Fritz different is Fritz really helps you a lot every 10s  but   Trusty gives you to use slowdown ability and Ice power(Blizzard) differntly as well as it has really vast range, which is very effective.

What I don’t like here is same thing that it takes toouch pearls to upgrade it at higher levels.


Good pal, it feel like slower donkey but more offensive. With same base i arrive 10~14s faster with donkey but i have more troop and easier make dragon with trusty so that make it unique. The skill dmg and speed and maybe cd should be noticeable when upgrade. New lv trusty, same base, no difference in time arrive at the gate and not just 1 lv, i talking about 5 .


I’m now near trusty level 6 … 10,000 pearls is a lot

I think with saving the amount of pearls level 7 + 8 is possible … Level 9+10 100k + 250k pearls is not reachable.

Pearls we need for all improvements. Nobody has such a pearl income of pearls…


@cr1 had 1 million pearls at one point lol, it’s affordable for him!


in my life i will not reach 350k pearls … saved?


Nobody will. The majority spend pearls for forge stuffs and defense at the moment we gain some. So I don’t think someone will accumulate 100k and over. Each time I have 1,000 or more I spend them. Level 8,9 and 10 are unrealistic


Not right. Many have more then 1 mln.

i have 250 k now and have no idea where to spent them, all max forged