Trusty's Active visuals need better clarity

The Trusty Sleigh’s active is basically the Blizzard Spell, except on steroids, both in terms of dealing much more damage than the regular Blizzard, and having about ~2 more Range.

The thing is, the visual, the active part of Trusty, is barely visible by comparison. When you cast a Blizzard Spell, you see clearly visible ice crystals on every structure that was affected by it, but with Sleigh, it’s barely visible.

That said, I’d like to suggest that the visual aspect of Trusty’s active ability would be made more visible. You could give it a copy-pasta of the Blizzard’s visual, except with a different color (e.g. light purple), or actually have your animators put in some work into that to make it look distinct from Blizzard. Given its huge range of 8, I’d prefer the second option. Could you just make it an outward nova, like Sorceress used to have in Diablo 2, just as an example? Because of the 8 Range, it’d be nice to see how far it actually reaches, cause sometimes it’s hard to see even the regular Spell effects on the opposite lane’s towers.

Moving it to ideas and suggestions :slight_smile:

Thanks, I was actually looking for this forum category but couldn’t find it for some reason.